Emotional Intelligence and Managerial Performance
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Emotional Intelligence and Managerial Performance


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Assessment task 3: Essay Assignment Task description The purpose of this assessment task to is to assess your research skills and related knowledge of a key team/team-management issue. You are expected to cite at least TWO (2) articles from professional management publications and FIVE (5) academic journal articles in your assignment.    


This assignment requires you to construct an essay response to ONE (1) of the following topics: 

Topic 1:  Ethics and Social Responsibility 

Using an academic journal article as your source, identify and define the 'social responsibility' concept as it applies to an industry context of your choice (e.g. mining, finance, government etc.). Using examples, describe factors that can undermine social responsibility performance in your chosen industry context. Using examples, describe the tactics a manager can use to avoid the factors you have identified. 


Topic 2:  Emotional Intelligence 

Using an academic journal article as your source, define what is meant by the term Emotional Intelligence. Using examples, identify how inadequate levels of emotional intelligence can undermine managerial performance in an industry context of your choosing. Also using examples, describe what tactics a manager can employ to improve their emotional intelligence. 

Completing the assignment 

Before you begin your essay, download and complete the selfpaced learning activity 'Completing your Essay Assignment checklist' which is available through MyLO.  This will ensure you have addressed the tasks you need to complete your essay.



The capability of an individual to manage and control his/her emotions by being aware of them and handling interpersonal relationships (by controlling emotions of others as well) with empathy is termed as emotional intelligence (EI). The term EI was created by Peter Salavoy and John Mayer and is an essential component of leadership, which further constitutes of (Cherry, 2018): 

  1. Self-Awareness: If an individual is well aware of himself, his environment and what he is going through, he would understand people much better. In other words, self-awareness makes a person explore his strengths and work on his weaknesses. It would be a good idea to analyze the causes of emotions such as anger and frustration, so that they do not occur frequently. 
  2. Self-Regulation: This refers to the aspect of thinking before speaking, thereby regulating actions. This in turn has a positive impact on others. It is essential to be calm and composed in every situation and hold yourself responsible in case any mistake. 
  3. Motivation: When an individual is in a state of motivation to perform various tasks, he/she is in an influential state. It should be his/her constant effort to work towards his goals consistently and overcome difficult challenges. 
  4. Empathy: Empathy is one of the important aspects of EI. It refers to putting oneself in the situations and circumstances of others and understanding them appropriately. A successful leader earns respect by empathizing with others. 
  5. Social Skills: Social skills help in building good communication with others so as to develop a strong rapport and sharing comfortable relationships.

Inadequate Levels of Emotional Intelligence can Undermine Managerial Performance in an Industry

EI is an essential skill amongst managers because understanding and controlling emotions is imperative for them. EI depicts the effectiveness of working with others. Therefore, in today's universal and multifaceted work environment, it is important to study the association between emotional intelligence and managerial performance (Maheshwari and Sundaram, 2014). Furthermore, the EI skills of an individual are unique as per his technical skill sets and cognitive abilities. Without EI, the abilities of a manager could be clouded and he can take inappropriate decisions, leading to irreparable damage to the organization. Therefore, it is extremely important for managers to empathize with and listen to emotions of others, which would further help in motivating and influencing others. Emotionally intelligent managers possess the capabilities of empathy and listening skills so as to effectively manage diverse range of team members (Langhorn, 2013).  

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