Discussion report - CaseWorld scenario Rafaella D'Angelo
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Discussion report - CaseWorld scenario Rafaella D'Angelo


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AIMS of the assignment

The aims of this report is for you to demonstrate that you understand the concepts you have explored in Module 3 (Case: Rafaella D’Angelo) have engaged with the required activities that the four questions you have identified are the result of your own thinking and reflect your own learning needs


Part – 1

Raffaella requires consuming the DASH diet for managing her type II diabetes mellitus. This type of diet contains limited sodium content to promote an effective glycemic control and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases (Ley, Hamdy, Mohan, & Hu, 2014). The recommended DASH diet will incorporate low-fat dairy products, fruit, vegetables, fish, whole grains, and nuts in the context of accomplishing the daily nutritional requirements. The inclusion of Mediterranean food is also recommended for glycemic control enhancement. This type of diet will incorporate poultry, dairy products, olive oil, and plant-based food items. The combination of these diets needs to be administered in a manner to minimize the heme-iron intake while concomitantly improving the consumption of vitamin D and minerals.    

Elevated BMI elevates the risk of Raffaella's mental health problems (Nuttall, 2015). Raffaella requires to systematically undertake weight management and exercise sessions with the objective of improving her glycemic control and associated wellness outcomes (Fuglestad, Jeffery, & Sherwood, 2012). Effective meal planning and calorie counting are also required for weight regulation. Raffaella needs to undertake the exercise session with a frequency of 150 minutes per week to improve the desired outcomes. Aerobic exercises and resistance training (with calorie restriction) include the significant interventions that will substantially assist Rafaella in terms of controlling her weight and BMI (Swift, Johannsen, Lavie, Earnest, & Church, 2014).     


Raffaella's busy schedule and inappropriate health behavior are the biggest hindrances that consistently barricades the enhancement of her health and wellness across the community environment. These engagements not only impact her glycemic goals but also reduce the medication adherence and associated clinical outcomes. Raffaella, therefore, needs to attend weekly educational sessions with the objective of improving her health behavior and diabetes coping skills. Diabetes educational sessions will help her in terms of configuring an effective medication compliance plan as well as long and short-term healthcare goals (Chong, 2016). These sessions will effectively emphasize the requirement of regular glucose monitoring and enhancement of patient-physician dialogue for glycemic control improvement.      

Raffaella will require the administration of the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with the objective of reducing the risk of her diabetes-related depression and distress (Safren, et al., 2014). This therapy will also improve her medication adherence and assist in the establishment of an effective glycemic control. CBT will improve Raffaella's think pattern and improve her self-sufficiency in terms of managing her personal and professional life. CBT will improve the level of her psychosocial competence to facilitate the improved execution of childcare responsibilities and official commitments. Eventually, CBT will improve Raffaella's activities of daily living and personal care outcomes to a considerable extent.  

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