Direct Support Personnel Injury Case Study
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Direct Support Personnel Injury Case Study


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  1. What barriers do you see?
  2. What treatment guideline would you look for in this case?
  3. When would you expect the worker to be back to mod duty or full duty?
  4. What would be some activities you would do to facilitate the care and progression of this case?


What barriers do you see?

A direct support professional is someone who works directly with the patient, ideally such personnel are responsible for their own job safety and are trained for the varied aspects of the job. However, in the present case it is noted that the risk of possible injury to the worker as in the present event was not recognized by the supervisor, and hence, any additional reinforcement was not provided to the direct support professional, thus making the organization liable for the injury and accidents of the personnel (Spreat et al. 2017). Meanwhile, refusal of the professional to take any medication, even though it was indicated is a barrier as well, and her interest in returning to work reflect her disregard to her own wellness. This barrier needs to be countered, and physical health assessment of the professional working this particular case along with the physiotherapy intervention to the professional injured has to be followed.


What treatment guideline would you look for in this case?

The direct support professional is asked to file a direct claim for the injury caused on job, and is expected to fill the A/8 – Risk Assessment & Planning (Accident & Injury Reduction) form in the directive guidelines. In the present case the employer should advice the professional to seek medical counsel, as well a registered nurse assistance, as she was unwilling to take any medication and is need of physiotherapy and medical intervention for her left epicondyle pain, thoracic pain and lumbar sacral radiculopathy. Further she is put on medications such as Advil and OTC for her back pains. However, any signs of distress needs to be directed to the professional, such that they can seek assistance, and not take high dose of pain medication. Meanwhile, the patient situation needs to be reassessed. First and foremost a physically fit and capable direct support staff has to be provided here, further, there is a need to ensure that the staff has proper reinforcement and tools, and if needed additional assistance to manage the patient.

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