Diabetes in Aboriginal Population in the Australian Communities
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Diabetes in Aboriginal Population in the Australian Communities


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The purpose of this assignment is to explore the National Health Priority Area – through the National Strategic Framework for Chronic Diseases and determine how research evidence can improve nursing practice. You may choose one of the health priorities areas to explore (e.g. Diabetes).  Through a search and evaluation of current research evidence for best nursing practice students will develop a research question, review literature and explore ways that the new knowledge can inform nursing practice in the chosen area of interest in the Australian context.


A) Research Question

What nursing strategies could prove advantageous for prevention and management of type II diabetes in the aboriginal communities?

Research Question in PICO format 

Population Aboriginal Australian Community
Intervention Community-based nursing interventions
Comparison Non-indigenous people
Outcome Effective management of diabetes type II and enhancement of wellness outcomes in aboriginal people

The research question was developed while exploring the “National Strategic Framework of Chronic Conditions” that evidently documents the challenges experienced by the impoverished Australians under the influence of the diabetic condition (COAG, 2017). The research article by (Nguyen, Chitturi, & Maple-Brown, 2016) evidently discusses various community-based strategies and interventions that require administration with the objective of effectively controlling the pattern of diabetes in Australian indigenous population.


B) Three Quality of Evidence research articles in Australian Setting 

The three primary articles related to the research questions include the studies undertaken by (Nguyen, Chitturi, & Maple-Brown, 2016), (Klein, et al., 2017) and (Webster, et al., 2017). 

Evaluation of the Selected Article

Research intervention by (Nguyen, Chitturi, & Maple-Brown, 2016) effectively discusses predisposing factors of diabetes mellitus in Australian aboriginal individuals. The study also explores the community-based remedial approaches that require utilization for the prevention and prophylaxis of diabetes type II in the aboriginal population. The study emphasizes factors including socio-economic disadvantage, albuminuria, hyperlipidaemia, and obesity as the potential risk factors that facilitate the development of various cardio-metabolic diseases and diabetes mellitus in aboriginal Australian population. These risk factors reportedly exist with minimal frequency in the non-aboriginal Australian natives and therefore these people experience elevated quality of life and life expectancy as compared to the indigenous Australians. The socio-economic disadvantage and limited healthcare access of the aboriginal natives restricts their diabetic care management on a wider scale. The nurse professionals require association with a multidisciplinary team, governmental agencies, primary healthcare centres, aboriginal community, and patients over and above the healthcare system with the objective of reducing the burden of diabetes and its debilitating complications in the indigenous population.

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