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Developing A Digital Media Strategy Toyota Motor Corporation - Expert Assignment Help


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To do this assignment efficiently and effectively, you should use the university library to locate databases and then, through them, locate several high-quality academic articles. You will read the article before deciding if it is relevant to your topic. If it is, you should add it to your shortlist.

For each article in your shortlist, you should critically analyse it and justify why it is on the shortlist. Structure the order of your articles so that you are able to tell a story through their presentation.

Be sure to bookend your analysis with an introduction and conclusi


Introduction of the company

The company considered for the purposes of this research is Toyota Motor Corporation, a leading auto manufacturer based out of Japan. Toyota started in Japan and quickly spread its roots to countries across the globe. With its huge expansion, continuous improvement in production and latest technology, Toyota has captured a major share of the world market. It is only the largest company listed in Japan. Currently, Toyota is the biggest manufacturer of Hybrid vehicles in the world, which is a huge feat to achieve (Toyota, 2017). The company is also known for its philanthropic activities in the areas of education, robotics and aerospace.



Company has various methods of both internal and external communication that have evolved over the last many decades. With a strong Communication policy, Toyota has ensured that information is properly disseminated to all the target audience. They ensure that there is both downward communication (from superiors to subordinates) as well as upward communication (from subordinates to superiors) that take place. As a result of this two-way channel, there is very little scope for miscommunication or issues due to the communication gap (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2006). The Human resources department at Toyota handles all employee-related communication while the Sales and Marketing team predominantly drive external communication with suppliers, press, customers and partners.

Context – the communication problem

In spite of all the background outlines above with respect to effective communication, Toyota has faced and is facing its fair share of communication-related problems. Crisis communication which refers to communication with all stakeholders during the time of a crisis, has been a major problem at Toyota (Timothy Coombs & Holladay, 2012). A few years back, when Toyota had to recall hundreds of its vehicles due to automobile fault, the company's digital communication strategy was not geared to handle it. In order to handle such a crisis in future, a digital communication strategy for Toyota has been suggested. For this 10 research articles have been shown as references.

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