Developing a Digital Communication Strategy
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Developing a Digital Communication Strategy


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The assessment task requires you to search and locate five (5) sources in total that will be useful for completing your proposal and report for Assessment 2a and 2b. 

At least three resources must be from reliable academic sources, such as academic journals. The  other sources can come from media sites, books, magazines, websites, YouTube and Tedtalks.  

These resources must relate to your topic, which is on implementing a digital communication  strategy within an organsiation. Therefore, it is important that you have thought about what  type of strategy you wish to focus on before you start your research. If you are doing this in a  group you must all agree on the topic, but the research is conducted individually.



A digital communication strategy would be implemented for boosting workplace motivation through innovative communication tools.  Innovative communication tools can be made part of the digital communication strategy to make employees feel more secure in their jobs. 

Some communication tools that will be implemented as part of the strategy in the current workplace environment are:

  • Corporate portal to recognise employee achievements and employee engagement
  • Open office structure
  • Self-directed learning
  • Social networking tools – IM for simpler communication and relationship building
  • Knowledge forum

In order to justify the suggested strategy, the below resources will be used.


Research articles to be used

Name of the resource – Workplace communication for the 21st century: tools and strategies that impact the bottom line: v.1: Internal workplace communication; v.2: External workplace communication (Jabs, 2013)

Type of resource – Journal article

Justification for using the resource – The article talks in detail about workplace communication, 

Reliability test – The journal is peer reviewed, it has been written based on current digital communication tools such as branding, social media influence, blogging, role of digital communication in crisis management, workplace motivation and customer satisfaction. This multi-dimensional approach makes this research article valid for this research.

Full reference

Jabs, L. (2013). Workplace communication for the 21st century: tools and strategies that impact the bottom line: v.1: Internal workplace communication; v.2: External workplace communication. Choice, 50(11). Retrieved from

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