Designing a Learning Intervention Base for Medium Sized Construction Company
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Designing a Learning Intervention Base for Medium Sized Construction Company


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Write a report on Designing a Learning Intervention Base for Medium Sized Construction Company.


Part 1 


Construction companies are largely exposed to on-site accidents and serious health hazards that create the need for improving health and safety practices adopted within the construction sector (Choudhry, Fang and Lingard, 2009). It is identified that the case organisation which is a medium sized construction company, based in North England aims to expand its current operations and penetrate the UK market. However, various safety and health incidents took place in its operational sites that have created the need for forming and employing learning and development (L&D) intervention and improving the health and safety culture. Effective intervention programmes require designing for maintaining the organisational reputation and improving health and safety standards in the allocated budget (Choudhry, Fang and Lingard, 2009).


In this relation, this report is centred on designing a learning intervention base for improving health and safety prospects of a medium-sized construction company in the light of systematic training cycle. Along with this, the report includes the discussion of potential barriers that may affect the implementation of the learning intervention. Possible solutions are suggested to overcome the identified barrier for facilitation of smooth intervention of designed learning intervention.

Designing Learning Intervention

L&TD intervention refers to learning, training and development programmes designed for helping individuals to acquire new skills and capabilities for driving business performance. These intervention programmes also contribute towards addressing prominent issues adversely influencing the organisations in terms of productivity, safety, quality and business performance (Ho and Dzeng, 2010). Systematic Training Cycle (STC) is considered for designing an intervention programme for further helping operational managers to share crucial information about safety concerns in the company. The systematic training cycle refers to the logical and sequential process of managing training programmes for ensuring that individuals possess adequate knowledge, skills and talent to fulfil their work responsibilities (Van Merriënboer and Kirschner, 2017). STC consists of four stages namely, identification of learning needs, the design of training programmes in the light of identified needs, delivery of training programmes, and evaluation of training programmes (Kheni, Dainty and Gibb, 2008).

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