Data Communication and Networks Assignment 3
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Data Communication and Networks Assignment 3


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Your task in this assignment is to propose and document  

  1. The requirements for the company local area network (LAN) 
  2. A logical design for the LAN  
  3. An IP address plan for the LAN according to the proposed design 


Executive Summary

According to a Microsoft study, it is found that techno-friendly SMEs progress much better than their counterparts with little or no use of technology. Due to their size and capacity, the major challenge encountered is in integrating IT in an economically feasible way. With technological advancements, the pace of innovation and productivity accelerates. This places SMEs in a crucial position to grow their businesses. A LAN would allow to effectively connect its devices internally and with the internet.

For this purpose, business and technical goals are determined. It is found that the company has planned to hire more employees to cater to its business expansion. The technical goals are to improve scalability, performance, security, flexibility and availability of nodes for the expanding labour force. Based on this the requirements are analysed. It is observed that the network has to cover both workspace and outside areas with wireless network. Due to the sensitive data handled, information security is a major issue and required the installation of firewalls, encryption algorithms and detection systems. To ensure that the network is robust and able to handle the network traffic, it requires higher bandwidth suitable for the number of employees and their data usage. To accommodate several business functions, it is assumed that the company uses enterprise resource planning application to manage its activities.  Considering all these requirements, a logical network is designed comprising of different components such as the Virtual LAN, Wireless Networks and Security measures. It is planned that the LAN would be adopting a switched hierarchical architecture due to its advantages in handling expanding IT assets and problem resolution. To assign IP addresses for the devises hosted in the network, an IP address allocation plan is carried out by determining the subnet address and host IP address range are determined and allotted to devices. Finally, a logical network diagram is drawn to provide a visual representation.



Implementation of a computer network has become an essential component of modern business enterprises as it is growing to be an indispensable part of business functioning (Ghobakhloo et al. 2012). To achieve success, there is a need for the deployment of an appropriate network design for SMEs. This report aims to develop a logical network design for a software development SME and develop an IP address plan. This document would assist during its expansion and the redevelopment of the existing LAN to attain its business and technical goals. As a part of this, the requirements for the setting up of the LAN are identified. A logical design is made and a diagrammatic representation is given. Based on the proposed design, an IP address plan is developed.

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