Cybersecurity in Educational Institutions
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Cybersecurity in Educational Institutions


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You are interviewed by an organisation such as your educational institute, a small to  medium sized business, a division of large business/government organisation, or other  moderate sized organisation, for a position of cybersecurity consultant to work in a  cybersecurity program in the organisation.  

As part of the interview, you are required to complete the following tasks:  

  • Task 1: discuss why risk assessment is the most critical step in developing and  managing cyber security in the organisation and identify the limitations of the current risk assessment methods.  
  • Task 2: develop five questions and justify why you think they allow you to  identify the most critical information assets of the organisation. Create a WFA template to rank the assets (you'll do WFA in Ass2).  
  • Task 3: identify the top five threats to the organisation information assets. Support  you finding by quoting reputable sources of information.  
  • Task 4: let’s assume that an organisation website is one of the most critical  information assets of the organisation. Discuss how the top five threats  could/could not impact the asset. Rank the threats based on their levels of impact  on the asset. Support your discussion by quoting reputable sources of information.  

You are free to make any assumption(s) you wish regarding the organisation structure, mission, vision, business profile, etc. which will need to be documented in the appropriate sections of your report. 


Task 1: 

1.1. About Risk assessment?

With the increasing integration of economies in the digital landscapes, several risks have occurred as a consequence to it. The comprehensive identification and assessment of the risks are highly crucial for today’s international organisations. In this, risk assessment is the crucial stage, which can be defined as the systematic process that helps to determine the extent and nature of potential risks. The risk assessment process assists significantly in identification, computation and ranking of all potential risks. This is a transparent, well-structured and scientific process that helps in anticipating the ways in which the risks will change under the distinct course of actions (Covello and Merkhoher, 2013).


1.2. Cyber security Risk Assessment Performance

As a consultant, by performing the cybersecurity risks assessment, I would be able to identify effectively the various assets of information (such as systems, data, intellectual property and hardware), which could be hampered as an outcome to a cyber attack. Along with this, it will assist me in identifying all potential threats, vulnerabilities, the impact of threats and support in providing threat recovery options. 

1.3. Difficulties in Risk Assessment Process

Conducting the risk assessment in an educational context is not an easy task; it involves diverse complexities that are inherent in nature. In this, the evolving nature of risk assessment systems poses further difficulties in risk assessment. The analysis of the complexity of the causes of incidents and identification of factors posing risks are difficult to obtain for the risk assessment process (Cherdantseva et al., 2016; Kure, Islam and Razzaque, 2018). However, the results gathered through the risk assessment process are used prominently to develop effective solutions for managing cybersecurity aspects. The results help to identify the potential threats and vulnerabilities, to address which suitable strategies can be implemented.

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