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CRM and Social Media Individual assignment - Expert Assignment Help


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Social Media Marketing Question

You are required to prepare a 10-minute presentation on the topic listed below in relation to the brand Woolworths

Digital, Online and Social Media are fast becoming a key tool/resource for businesses to connect and talk to/with their customers. What 2 things would you make a priority in this environment and why? 

Social Media Marketing Solution

The organization in focus to discuss the implications of digital, online and social media resources is Woolworths. 'Woolworths Supermarkets' is one of the largest retail grocery chains of Australia and New Zealand. Along with its close competitor 'Coles' it makes a duopoly in the Australian grocery market and both these organizations claim 80% Australian market share (Zappone, 2009). This signifies tough competition from the grocery retail chain Coles. Both retail chains indulge in crucial price wars. Woolworths is also facing threats from the international low price giants like Costco and Aldi, both immensely experienced and efficient organizations (Colgan, 2015). So, although Woolworths enjoys a big market share in Australia, it needs to develop its core competencies to maintain a strong hold on the Australian market. Woolworths continues its spot as the most valuable Australian brand, as listed by Brand Finance Global 500 and despite facing a loss of 17% in its brand value due to excess inflation, it takes pride in offering products at low cost to its customers (Herbison, 2015). Considering the plummeting of the Australian dollar (Herbison, 2015), increasing competition, and tough price wars the two things Woolworths should focus upon are Intensive Social media marketing to amplify CRM and Boosting Search Engine Optimisation for Woolworths. 


The traditional view on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is about making attempts by marketers to combine complete information regarding each specific customer into a separate database with the intention of serving customers in a personalized manner (Looy, 2015).  There are several benefits for implementing CRM in a business; it helps in gathering information related to marketing and sales, enhances the ability to target customers that are profitable for business, boosts efficiency of sales force, helps in customization of products and services, and enhances customer care by personalizing marketing messages (Goldenberg, 2008). As observed by (McKee, 2012) businesses have been implementing CRM one-sidedly for past few years but technological revolution and rise of social media have paved way for two-sided communication between businesses and customers, enabling the organizations to attain a relationship equilibrium by balancing trust between customers and business organizations. Digital marketing; 'communication and interaction between a company or brand and its customers using digital channels' (Merisave & Raulas, 2008), e-commerce; online electronic transactions are all the outcome of the digital and technological revolution. This revolution has also given birth to an extended version of CRM called Social CRM. 

Social CRM helps marketers in monitoring conversations across different social media platforms about the keywords related to their offerings for enhancing customer support. Unlike traditional CRM that lays stress on developing campaigns for generating customer leads and new customers, Social CRM monitors the user-generated content for budding relationships with customers through online conversations (Shelly & Frydenberg, 2011). When a social media user posts any things with reference to the company's offerings, it becomes a datum; a piece of information about the organization. The social CRM applications monitor the views of customers about the company's offerings, thereby identifying trends about complains, queries, or appreciation. Hence Social CRM helps in assisting the representatives of the company's support to identify customers' problems and offer them solutions in a highly personalized manner (Shelly & Frydenberg, 2011).

Infrastructure Management with Marketing Strategies

Facebook has designed many marketing strategies that provide varied features and helps in maintaining distinct networks for fulfilling various social needs as suggested in Maslow's needs hierarchy theory (Posters, 2014). The functions designed in Facebook provide capabilities for staying in touch with friends along with meeting new people and telling everyone about what you are doing etc. It has established many partnerships for improving and enhancing the application features as well as functionalities for developing the user experiences. There are many websites that have share functionality of Facebook for sharing photos, videos, Microsoft and Facebook but their advertising strategic alliance. In 2007 users can share information using Facebook Beacon for distributing to friends. It developed a five-year strategic relationship with Zynga for proving unique gaming experience to its users (Goel, 2014).

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