Critical Review of the Personal is Political Argument in Context of Feminism
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Critical Review of the Personal is Political Argument in Context of Feminism


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This essay is a critically reflective piece about your learning throughout this subject.  A critical reflection is a reasoning process that allows you to make meaning of your learning experience. It is descriptive, analytical and links your experience and knowledge with the material you have read or been exposed to throughout.  A critical reflection acknowledges other views and can articulate evidence that supports your view and ideas,

For this essay your critical reflection should be informed by your learning from the presented subject material such as required readings, additional material and the discussions on the Facebook group.

Your paper must contain a reference list formatted according to APA (6th edition) guidelines.  Your essay is expected to follow the usual academic conventions (introduction, clear sentence and paragraph structures, conclusion and reference list), albeit in a less formal way than may be required of a non-reflective piece.  Use of first person pronouns, such as  'I', is appropriate.



The term 'personal is political' first gained momentum in second war era, as it discussed the interrelation between personal experience and larger socio-politico context. Through this statement feminists have tried to advocate that the discontent of women in the society is not a neurotic rant, rather a response to their systemic oppression at varied aspects of life and level in a society. There is an evident simplicity, and yet profundity in this statement, which reflects that the situation of women is not attributed to their individual choices, rather is a result of the social order and patriarchal repression (Hanisch, 2009). Through varied issues discussed in the statement, a collective argument that 'women should take control of their life and be responsible for their action, and thus be the change' emerged (Meyers, 2018). Even as many counter that the post feminism era does not need to look into the feminist problems in the light of differentiation, or equality; it is argued that most of the issues are provided only superficial solutions (Schuster, 2014).


Through this paper it is argued that intergenerational debate still holds relevance in the society, even in the western culture through reviewing varied female issues. Even as many feminists argues that 'feminism' today is not political (Miseres, 2015). The present paper reflects, how feminism remains personalized, as well as a political movement, as their remains a misunderstanding about 'everyday feminism' in the post-modern society. The paper also argues that feminism in one form or another is recognized by the society, yet its variation is influenced by the social framework, and cultural demands.

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