Corporate Governance Assignment
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Corporate Governance Assignment


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Question 1: Is the role of the health manager different from other managers, and if so, why is it different? 

Question 2: Compare and contrast the theory of scientific management and Herzberg's two factor theory.  

Question 3: Why is corporate governance necessary? 

Question 4: What is the purpose of having safety and quality systems in Australian health care?  

Question 5: Identify and discuss three ways in which finance and accounting are essential for effective health care.  

Question 6: All workplace conflict leads to negative outcomes. Critically discuss.   


Question 1

Is the role of the health manager different from other managers, and if so, why is it different? 

In a glance, the role of a health manager has some responsibilities that are similar to other managers as it entails decision making, enhancing resource utilization, people development, and containment. However, the role differs significantly from other management disciplines for its priority to protect health and safety arrangements in the surrounding environment over sustainable profit earning mentality of a business. A health manager is the person responsible for ensuring that employees are working in an environment that is safe to work and develop a health & safety guideline that achieves a sufficient level of safety for the workforce. 

This difference in the role of health managers in businesses is critical for success of the objectives that a health manager is required to achieve. Unlike all other disciplines, the emphasis in the role of a health manager is entirely on the health and safety features without seeking to achieve a strategic business or financial incentive.


Question 2

Compare and contrast the theory of scientific management and Herzberg's two factor theory.  

The emphasis in scientific management theory is to replace all conventional approaches and wisdom of business practices and workplace policies by evaluating effectiveness of such practices through scientific evidences rather than only relying on common sense of traditional practices (Petrescu & Simmons, 2008). In contrast, Herzberg's two factor theory requires an assessment of all workplace policies to categorize practices that lower satisfaction levels of employees and practices that lead to increased employee satisfaction. 

Herzberg's theory relies on personal traits and sense of belonging of the employees in a workplace while the scientific management theory takes the objective approach of using evidence to identify productive processes in the workplace. 

The underlying principle of scientific management theory is that all resources must get allocated to the processes that results in most productivity and decisions should be based on known evidences for maximum efficiency. On the other hand, Herzberg's theory argues that employees work more efficiently if they are given sufficient motivation (Lundberg, Gudmundson, & Andersson, 2009).

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