Contemporary Hotel and Tourism Issues Assessment 1 - Presentation Script
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Contemporary Hotel and Tourism Issues Assessment 1 - Presentation Script


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Assessment details 

Assessment 1: Presentation

Presentation Script 


This assessment is designed to get you researching and thinking critically about contemporary global issues in tourism, and prepare a script which will be the basis of a presentation (A2).

Assessment 2: Presentation 

This assessment is for these students only: Gold Coast; Melbourne – Hotel School; Online; Sydney – Hotel School.

This assessment requires you to formally present information which was scripted in Assessment 1, to the listener/ audience using audio recorded PowerPoint slides. The information in this presentation will be based on Assessment 1. 

The PowerPoint slides must be prepared and audio recorded as being delivered in a professional setting. They will show evidence of academic research, discussion of literature, links with three (3) contemporary global issues in tourism raised in Assessment 1. 

You will provide a well prepared and presented set of slides. You will need to practise audio delivery to pace the presentation. It must be clear and concise so the audience can understand. Provide discussion of points raised including concluding statements evaluating content relevance to the future of tourism and/or hotels. 

Prepare slides as if you are giving a formal presentation – DO NOT cut and paste information from Assignment 1.

Assessment 3: Report 

This assessment is for these students only: Gold Coast; Melbourne – Hotel School; Online; Sydney – Hotel School. 

You will nominate a destination you are familiar with and undertake research from academic and industry sources to prepare a Report. NB: One student per destination per cohort. 

The Report will examine the following contemporary tourism and hotel issues relevant to the nominated destination in 2018. 



Recognized as the largest contributing sector towards growth of economy, the travel and tourism sector are not left out without prominent threats (Manzo 2018). These threats pose great challenge in managing the growth aspects of the sector on global fronts (Walters, Wallin & Hartley 2018). Considering the three major threats in detail can help bring out clarity on the present situation which can be further analyzed for betterment and management of global tourism.


Natural Disasters

Environment is changing and so are its impacts. Natural disasters have seen a growth in specific tourist locations making them vulnerable to be developed as tourist centers. But the growth in tourism is unprecedented over the decade (Chiou, Huang & Pin-Chia 2013). This has brought in a concern among government to manage the issue under focus.

Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, tsunami have not only brought in concerns among tourists to travel to locations prone with such disasters, but also impacted the local services which are destroyed again and again due to such disasters (Walters, Wallin & Hartley 2018). The disruption in smooth services required for the tourisms have lowered footfalls in those locations. 

Also, the economic condition of the locals has been highly crushed because of which then tend to invest less on businesses making the available facilities not upto the required levels (Chiou, Huang & Pin-Chia 2013).

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