Communication Case Analysis
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Communication Case Analysis


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  • Which communication theories that you have researched and applied, provide most insight into understanding the dynamics of the observed event?
  • Draw on the materials and subject matter of Module One and the skills developed through Module Two. With reference to at least three communication theories (or concepts, or aspects of theories), analyse the communication event you have observed. 
  • In your essay compare and contrast the usefulness of the selected communication theories / concepts for analysing the event. 
  • Reference the essay correctly (using in-text referencing as well as a list of references at the end of your essay), in the style described by Summers and Smith (2010).



Interpersonal communication is not only a key to understand the needs of the clients or stakeholders, rather also a mode to develop relationship and alliances (Lolli, 2013). Through mastering the verbal and nonverbal components of the interpersonal interaction, an individual can improve the end results in any association. Within the hospitality sector, interpersonal communication is a driver for effective consumer service. However, often amidst external barriers, and the lack of preparedness amongst the hospitality leaders, a deficient interaction transpires (De Janasz et al. 2009). Through the course of the present review, the dynamics of interpersonal interaction are studied in the context of a hospitality manager and his restaurant staff. Through this analysis, the application of the communication theories is studied, and barriers for effective communication, along with the measures to overcome the same are shared.


Live setting analysis 

'Francesca' a fine dining restaurant in Melbourne has recently hired an assistant manager named Fred Baxter. On paper, Fred has showed potential, and had good references, however, soon the owner of 'Francesca' realized that Fred is a destructive leader. He could be often found to mumble orders, or presume that the instructions he shared are understood by the staff, and later scold them for being insubordinate. In terms of verbal communication, Fred has failed to adequately pass on information, and does not regard noise, or even cultural difference as a hindrance to effective communication. Meanwhile, the employees regard him as an unreasonable boss, who is unable to make decisions on a short notice and is not a problem solver.

Recently, a couple came in 'Francesca' to celebrate their anniversary. The husband pre-ordered champagne with strawberry in the glass, along with a chocolate fondue, and a strawberry soufflé encasing a diamond ring. This elaborate setup was a part of anniversary gift for the wife, and was shared and discussed extensively with the assistant manager. However, when giving instructions, Fred failed to assert the message, which led to consumer grievance. He also blamed the chef and the other waiting staff

On a closer consideration it was revealed that dialect along with the cultural values continues to be a barrier for effective verbal communication within the organization at present. Most of the kitchen staff at 'Francesca' are from Asian and French origin, and are unable to interact effectively with Fred. Furthermore, as opposed to the owner, Fred is not an effective non-verbal communicator, which further drains the effectiveness of his message. However, more importantly it seems that he is affected by the attribution theory that is he has established pre-conceived notions about the workers, which limits his communication with the personnel. As per a review conducted by Manning (2014), in the present business world a need to enable effective interpersonal interaction through developing social relations as well as to share information has been recognized by the leaders. Clearly, this aspect of interaction is not recognized by Fred, and he is unable to perceive his audience (Adler, 2010).

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