Classroom Management Essay
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Classroom Management Essay


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Through effective classroom management, how can you make your lessons more successful?

Include discussion on all of the following areas:

  • group work and pair work                     
  • discipline
  • homework                                           
  • classroom layout
  • group size and mixture            
  • correction
  • lesson planning and materials use

Please make sure you include relevant examples and you might find it helpful to signpost each section with a short heading. There are 40 marks available here, 5 marks for each of the 7 sections, and then 5 for a suitable introduction and conclusion to your essay. 

Answer must be between 800 and 1000 words.



Classroom management is a term that is used for a wide range of techniques and skills that help students to be focused, organized, attentive along with being academically productive in a class. An effective use of classroom management strategies helps a teacher in minimizing the behaviour that can impede learning of the individual students and the group of students along with maximizing the behaviour that can facilitate along with enhancing the learning. (Chandra, 2015).This particular report will focus on some of the classroom management strategies that can help in making the lessons successful. The focus will be on following aspects:

  1. Group work and pair work                     
  2. Discipline
  3. Homework                                           
  4. Classroom layout
  5. Group size and mixture            
  6. Correction
  7. Lesson planning and materials use


The discussion below focuses on the classroom management techniques that can help in improving the learning of students:

Group work and pair work    – Group work and pair work is one of the classroom management strategies that focuses on making the students learn lessons in pairs or in groups. This strategy is extremely beneficial in making students comfortable in learning the lessons with an increased interaction with the teachers and students. For example, if student learn in groups and pair, they learn from each other rather than just depending on the books. This method provides more time to students to ask the queries related to the lesson along with openly presenting their views on the lessons. This helps students in gaining a better understanding of lesson. As the speaking time is more in the group or pair work, the students also feel confident with a sense of achievement. (Chandra, 2015)

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