China Economic Slowdown And Global Financial Impact
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China Economic Slowdown And Global Financial Impact


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Write an Annotated bibliography on China Economic Slowdown And Global Financial Impact 


Cai, F 2015. 'How to tackle the slowdown of potential growth rate in China?’ China Finance and Economic Review.3:2.

Through this research, the author addresses the presence of challenges in the Chinese economy. From predominately being a nation that mastered the world through its labor force, and manufacturing sectors, the nation at present is affected by the challenges in the commodity market in the wake of global recession. Through this research, the author notes that there is a need for managing the economic challenges through maneuvering the monetary policies, seeking growth in other sectors, and becoming more dependent upon the regional economy and small-scale enterprises. In this sense, the study serves as a framework of recommendations for the present economic standstill of the nation. This research along with others can contribute towards the comprehension of my recommendation chapter. The biggest strength of this study is the assessment competency of the author with respect to the economic climate of the country, and the ability to relate the same to the political climate of the country. Through this study I will be able to understand the challenges in the economy, in terms of the political climate, and the legislative framework of the nation.


Cashin, P, Mohaddes, A, & Raissia, M 2017. 'China’s slowdown and global financial market volatility: Is world growth losing out?' Emerging Markets Review. 31, pp. 164-175.

Through this article, the authors have reflected upon the impact of the Chinese economy' slowdown on the global economic environment. China is a global manufacturing leader, and in the recent time has established a strong economic presence for itself. Over the years, the stagnancy and subsequently fall of the Chinese economy has led to a spillover effect for the global economy. The study assessed the impact of the permanent Chinese GDP shock of one percent on the global economy, through the use of GVAR model. Through this research, it was learned that growth reduction of 0.23 pp, can lead to a fall in oil prices by 2.8%. In this sense, it was reflected that the Chinese economy' growth along with economic vulnerability will be able to significantly impact the global economy. The focus of my research is, to understand the impact of Chinese economic slowdown on the global economy. Through this research, the long and short-term effects of the Chinese slowdown were studied. This article will be used in the literature review for my research, where the association of China' economic climate in terms of stress index, economic parameters and global economic volatility shared by the author will form the contextual background for my research.

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