Child Development
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Child Development


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You are to produce a 1500 word report that explores the learning and development theories in the following case study. Your report must also connect these learning and development theories to pedagogy and classroom practice.

Robert, a nine year-old boy, recently moved with his family to a new academically rigorous school where his mother and father both teach. He also has a younger sister who attends the school who is age six. During the first few weeks of the school year, Robert's classroom teacher said he was quiet and was not making an effort to seek friendships. He rarely contributed to classroom conversations and only spoke when asked to respond to questions. An early term classroom report from his teacher noted that he was struggling with his writing and reading. His teacher was asking for more support from the learning resources unit to help him along with his writing. Robert was also having difficulty with mathematics—he was able to classify objects into coherent categories using physical objects, but when it came to abstract reasoning, his confidence and skills were diminished. During PE, it was noted that he had very good hand-eye coordination and significant running pace on the field. He has additionally participated to a high standard, particularly in non-competitive sports. He has started co-curricular activities this term, including squash and drama. Next term, he has been encouraged to start a musical instrument and join in a team sport.

Your report should include:

  • an introduction where you briefly introduce the case study—you should also state what you intend to cover (including the development issues and learning theories that your report will focus on) and support these intentions with evidence in your body paragraphs
  • a body where you:
    • identify and outline key development issues in the case study that are impacting on Robert's learning
    • connect these development issues with relevant learning theories
    • explain how the learning theories you have identified could then be applied to classroom pedagogy and practice to address any barriers to Robert's learning
    • cite academic literature to support your discussion
  • a conclusion where you summarise the key points of your response— your conclusion should provide the reader with an overview of the main ideas you discussed and highlights the progression of your thought process
  • a reference list in APA style.

Note: As a report, each key development issue should be formatted with a heading.

While you will undoubtedly have personal views on this issue, this task requires you to define and explain from an informed perspective. With that in mind, you should refer to the ideas of others to help construct, support and validate your explanation, and illustrate your discussion through reference to this academic literature.

Your report must be written in third person and should approach the case study from the point of view of a teacher, not a psychologist. This means that the focus should be on how the learning and development theories you identify and outline can inform classroom practice. You do not need to cover a set number of learning or development theories. Instead, analyse the case study to identify a number of contributing developmental factors in order to inform pedagogy and classroom practice that addresses barriers to learning for Robert.

  • consideration and discussion of the behaviour framework, strategy and model you would apply for your chosen case study

discussion of theories that have been used to guide approaches to behaviour management.



The case study provided for this assignment revolves around a nine-year old child, Robert, who has been moved to a new academically rigorous school. His mother and father also teach in the same school and his sister also studies in the same school. The teacher of Robert came with a few issues related to his behaviour. The child did not contribute to classroom conversations, did not talk to his classmates and was struggling with his writing, reading and mathematical abilities. However, the child has good skills in the co-curricular activities and he participated in the non-competitive sports and drama. Also, the student was encouraged to start learning a musical instrument. The case study indicates that the child is going through a few developmental issues as he has been introduced to a new environment, which rigorously supports academic development of the children. Also, at the age of nine, children face various behavioural changes and start viewing the world differently (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 2019). Report will analyse such issues in detail and will focus on a few theories of child development such as Piaget's theory of cognitive development, Kohlberg's theory of moral development and Freud's Psychosexual Child Development Theory from a teacher's perspective. It will also describe the ways in which this theory can be applied to classroom pedagogy to enhance Robert's learning.




The age of nine years is quite crucial in the development of the child as many children begin to consider they mature at this age while the others still consider themselves to be child-like. This age can be described as the period of transition for the children which offers delights as well as challenges as the children are on the verge of reaching adolescence. This age is associated with several physical and emotional changes. The key developmental issues which may be faced by Robert at this age can be separation from the friends he had in the previous school, facing more academic challenges in the school, increased attention span, emotional changes due to approaching puberty and getting a little independence from the parental control (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 2019).

The above-mentioned child-development issues can be resolved by the teachers in the school by incorporating child learning and development theories in the classroom pedagogy.

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