Proposal for Research Project.| Management Sample | BMAN20920
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Proposal for Research Project.| Management Sample | BMAN20920


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You are part of a consulting firm hired by Lunchbox UK to advise on the way forward. Your first task is to write a 2000-word report addressing the key change issues arising from the context of The Galley Cafeteria and to develop a set of recommendations on

While practically oriented, your report should draw on appropriate change theories and models to include the following:

  1. An analysis of the change context taking into account both the key internal and external factors impacting The Galley (300 words).
  2. An analysis of the nature of change undergone by the organization (300 words).
  3. A critical examination of employee reactions to the current change situation (600 words).
  4. A set of recommendations on the way forward in light of the new measures instructed by the parent company (500 words)


Analysis of Change

As observed by (Singla, 2009) organisations frequently experience changes as they operate in a highly dynamic environment getting affecting from several external as well as internal factors. For understanding impact of internal and external factors on the Galley, SWOT and PEST analysis has been done.

SWOT Analysis


  • Employees of Galley Cafeteria are loyal to it as they did not leave the company despite change it is ownership.
  • The employees also possess years of experience.
  • The location of Galley Cafeteria at the top floor of an office block if promoted in a unique manner could easily attract people not just from the building, but from places nearby as there are not many eating joints with a view from the top of the 8th
  • The parent company of Galley Cafeteria is a commercially successful catering company with sound goodwill.


  • Galley Cafeteria has the same image, services and offerings it had when it was started. It has a monotonous feel to it.
  • The staff is not willing to move out of their comfort zone in which they are working since 1980’s
  • Financial condition of Galley is not sound anymore and needs cost cutting.


  • As Galley Cafeteria is situated surrounded by offices, it could develop itself as a niche by creating a professional ambiance suitable for business and corporate meetings.
  • Around the vicinity of Galley Cafeteria several public recreational centers have opened, giving it the opportunity to target more prospects to become its regular customers.


  • Rebellion among the staff members towards the new manager Ms. Jean Porter is already hurting the financial condition of the cafeteria and could pose a threat even to the survival of the cafeteria.
  • The development in the vicinity and opening up of eating joints poses a threat to Galley Cafeteria in the form increased competition.

PEST Analysis


Political: The political force impacting Galley Cafeteria is the support Transport and General workers Union to the existing employees as they maintain close relations with the Union.


Economic: Economic force is the intensified competition in the vicinity of Galley Cafeteria to deal with which new strategies are needed.


Social: Development of cinema and sports centre are likely to bring in families, couples and college students, giving Galley an opportunity to develop a new customer base.


Technical: Galley Cafeteria appears as an eating joined deprived of any form of innovation since its inception, technical or non technical.

Nature of  Change

Organisational Change is of several types. (Ramanathan, 2008) Operational change is among one of them. Operational change is a very commonly found change among business organisations. The focus of operational change is to improve the performance of an organisation keeping in view the limits of the current system of the organisation for aligning it correctly with the environment. Operational change has been contrasted to strategic change by (Ramanathan, 2008) which brings about a shift in the structure, processes, mission as well as the purpose of the organisation. So, operational change is done in order to maintain a business while strategic change is done in order to renew them.


The nature of change witnessed by the Galley cafeteria is operational. Galley Cafeteria was sold to Lunchbox UK Pvt. Ltd. in the year 2013 and the employees were hired on similar conditions including the manager. Change began with the arrival of Ms. Jean Porter, who is new to the existing staff members, highly experienced in her area of expertise but is much younger than her subordinates. She introduced several changes in the daily operations of Galley Cafeteria, including the introduction of more items in the menu, theme based food items for special occasions, the introduction of hot breakfast at 8: 00 AM, changing the duration of breaks, etc. All the ideas proposed by the new manager are of operational nature.

The Reaction of Employees to the current change situation

The change situation is not being taken well by the employees as there is a strong resistance to change among the employees. They do not like the presence of a new manager who is 10 years younger to them in the first place and are not willing to take orders from her and move out of their comfort zone. The intensity of resistance to change as per ideas of the new manager is quite high as employees of Galley Cafeteria are clearly depicting their discontent and discord by coming late at work, being absent, dressing up shabbily and being rude towards colleagues and even to customers. To understand this reaction of employees, it is important to understand the theory of resistance to organizational change.

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