Change Management at Microsoft Case of Microsoft’s XBOX division
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Change Management at Microsoft Case of Microsoft’s XBOX division


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Based on the organisation used in Assignment 1, imagine you are a consultant who has been hired to help manage the change. In this report, discuss relevant theories and set out potential strategies that could assist the selected organisation to achieve its change outcomes. 

Your response must have the following:

  1. SCU cover page.
  2. Table of contents. (Not included in the word count.)
  3. Executive summary on its own page – 200-250 words approximately. (This is not included in your word count.)
  4. Introduction – this is not the same as the Executive Summary, this is your introduction to the report itself. A good approach is to briefly set out the background and purpose of the report here.
  5. Body of the report (but do NOT use the heading 'body'). Present it with informative headings and subheadings to help the reader navigate through the report.
  6. A clear explanation of how the theories and potential strategies will help in achieving the change outcomes.
  7. No Conclusion – instead, close with a brief summary of your key Recommendations for the client of the strategies to be followed. 
  8. All references must be correctly stated in the text and end-text referencing and must not be less than ten journal articles. (The Reference List is not part of your word count.)

If you believe it is relevant and useful for your discussion, you may refer to the issues and conclusions drawn in your first Report. (Please cite your work clearly.) Do NOT repeat (either paraphrasing or quoting) large sections of your first paper!


In the age of constantly evolving digital technologies and market trends, businesses have to always remain ready to adapt to changes in the industry. Change management has become a necessary and ever-present need in competitive business industries of today as businesses experience the need increase success in implementation of change while also retaining core-competency of business before, during, and after the change process. Change management in businesses is a complex and challenging task as workforce is often reluctant to adapt to changes out of fear of unfamiliarity and uncertainty. In addition to this, it is also an important need for businesses to ensure that the needed changes are implemented successfully and thoroughly as desired and achieve the set objectives with change.


For Microsoft's XBOX division, launch of their newest console XBOX One in fall 2013 was one of the most troubling issues as there was an immediate backlash against company policies, strategic direction, and business practices. Customer backlash and low initial sales forced the XBOX division to change leadership, revise strategic policies, and change the business direction entirely to move towards a service-oriented company. All of these sudden changes have put the company in a difficult situation of change management with uncertainties surrounding the business direction, XBOX brand reputation, and new leadership. 

After conducting a thorough review of XBOX scenario for its change management needs, it is identified that the case of XBOX can benefit from adoption of conventional theories of change management. It is recommended that XBOX engages in open and transparent communication with its workforce to lower the sense of uncertainty among the employees and set achievable short-term goals. Meeting those short-term goals would help the company generate confidence among the employees and create trust for the new leadership.

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