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Write an essay on your career choice of being a Business Consultant in a huge management consulting company?


Facing the challenges of the Business Environment and coming out with an optimal solution is something that has always inspired me a lot. I always want a career that keeps in the learning mode and keeps throwing some very critical business situations in front of me. After a lot of research and discussion, I got to know that Business Consulting is one such field that can keep in that learning and challenging mode always. Post consulting my Professors and seniors, I learned that there is a need to be an expert in one business area to be a successful business consultant. There are dedicated Management Consulting firms, who hire talented young people and send them to challenging client locations for solving their problems. I wish to reach there in my life.

My Profile Thus Far:

I have worked in various business environments. From being a storekeeper, where I learned the basics of accounting, warehouse management, and logistics management. To being a robotics worker in a local auto parts manufacturing firm, where I learned about the basics of manufacturing and supply chain. Through these experiences, I learned a lot about Supply Chain Management and I wish to be a business consultant in that field. I feel that business-level solutions related to SCM come naturally to me and I am able to quickly think of some very implementable solution. I am working hard to keep myself up beat with the latest happenings in the Supply Chain World. I believe that by gaining some suitable ground level learning, I will be able to position myself well as a Business Consultant.


Major Plans in the coming one year:

In the coming year, my focus is towards some well-recognized certifications like CPIM, etc. and also I wish to take up a part-time job in the field of Store and Logistics Management. So, that I can see the application of learned concepts there, and also in case I feel that some of the main concepts can be applied in that environment, then I can even do that. Apart from that I also wish to connect with some people through LinkedIn, who are already working in that space, so that I can use these contacts to get a breakthrough in some permanent roles (Russell, 2014). These are well-defined tactics, which I feel will work in my favor and are pretty much achievable.

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