Business Communication - Individual Research Task
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Business Communication - Individual Research Task


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Question 1: from week one's content:  

Applying one communication model to explain the communication process. Explain the model, as  well as its barriers in communication and different communication channels. (300 words worth 10 marks

Question 2: from week two's content: 

What is emotional intelligence? Give a general overview. Also, briefly explain the four emotional  intelligence competencies and then select one competency and explain how developing this  competency could improve your performance in the workplace. (300 words worth 10 marks

Question 3: from week three's content: 

Explain what effective listening is, as well as the barriers to effective listening and attending skills you  could use to improve your communication competence. (300 words worth 10 marks)


Answer 1

Communication is the process of transfer of meaning and information from one person to another through various media. In any business both the transfer of meaning and data takes place. The types of communication in an organization can interpersonal, intrapersonal, organizational, team or group, intercultural and public or media communication. The Shannon Weaver model of communication was established in 1948 and is known as the mother of all models. There are six major concepts of the Shannon Weaver model of communication, namely sender (source of information), encoder (the transmitter), the channel, decoder (the receiver), noise and receiver (the destination of a message).


According to this model of communication, a sender encodes the message to be delivered into a code understandable by the machine and sends it to a receiver through a channel like telephone, telegraph, email or such others. The message is sent in the form of codes through a medium to the receiver. The receiver has a receptor machine which decodes the message and understands and interprets the message. Sometimes, the channel may be noisy and prevent the receiver from receiving or decoding the proper message which may disturb the communication process (Businesstopia, 2018).

For instance, in a regular process of verbal communication, the brain might be the sender, a mouth might be an encoder, an air may be the channel, an ear of the receiver might be a receptor, and his brain might be a receiver and decoder. 

The barriers to communication can be-

  • Semantic barriers where the meaning of a message received and sent is very different
  • Mechanical or technical barriers where channel causes a problem such as noise
  • Effectiveness barriers which are related to the effectiveness of the reaction generated through the message (Businesstopia, 2018)

There are different channels of communication such as one-way channel (sender to receiver), two- way channel (sender to receiver to sender) and multidirectional (sender to receiver to others). The channel may be technologically mediated such as emails, phone messages and such others or in the form of hard copies. It may be professional or personal and written or verbal depending on the requirement. 

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