Business Case to Support the Use of Da Vinci Robot for Routine Prostatectomies
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Business Case to Support the Use of Da Vinci Robot for Routine Prostatectomies


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Your assignment is to:

1. Develop a business case to use as a decision guide. Your business case should include (this is not an exclusive list): 

Evidence to support the use of the technology 

The identification and rating of the risks and benefits for such an introduction. Clinical factors: Safety, Efficacy and suitability of patient group 

Financial impacts: costs, value for money, and funding. 

2. Make a recommendation to your manager, based on the business case and risk assessment,  on whether to introduce the equipment and procedure. 

3. Outline how you would communicate such a recommendation to the stakeholders including  the surgeons and the manufacturer. 

4. Outline any policies and procedures necessary and training processes to commence the use  of this new technology.



In the given business case, the technology using Da Vinci Robot for routine prostatectomies will be discussed and analyzed for their effectiveness with respect to patient satisfaction and associated costs. This surgical system was developed by Intuitive Surgical in America in the year 2000 and obtained a clearance from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the same year (Patel, Palmer, Coughlin, & Jr, 2009). According to statistics, there were more than 1,700 units of this surgical system installed worldwide by the end of 2017. The Si version of Da Vinci surgical system costs below US $2 million, which is quite high for the patients to afford (UC Health, 2018). 


Issues with the installation of Da Vinci robotic systems

With the increasing dependency of all the industries on technology and the positive results it has been gaining for them, the healthcare sectors have also become bound to use the new technology for ensuring better health service to the clients and ensuring maximum client satisfaction. The introduction of new technology every now and then, creates complications for the health service managers, as the introduction of new technology, leads to changes in the costs of the health services, disrupts the current clinical practices and makes the services expensive both from the perspective of the hospitals and the patients (Dam, et al., 2011). Apart from this, the managers also need to ensure that the new technology is effective, efficient and safe. The health service managers face the pressure from multiple stakeholders, the technology providers pressurize them to install the latest version of the technology they are using at their sites, from the clinicians to use the most up-to-Date technology, from patients who get their treatments done using the latest technology and pay less for it; and from the insurers who ask them to reduce the technology associated costs (Leddy, Lendvay, & Satava, 2010). Thus, the health service managers need to maintain a balance between the technology installation and the associated costs to keep all the stakeholders happy. For this, they need to take effective steps such as hiring skilled employees instead of organizing on- job training, effective distribution of costs between the hospital and the patients and such others, which will be later discussed in the following report (Cadière, et al., 2001).

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