Project Proposal - Business Capstone
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Project Proposal - Business Capstone


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Proposals should introduce and then set the scope of the project. If the project involves an  industry partner, a letter of support from the partner is required in an appendix.  

The learning facilitator will review the proposals and advise on the practicality or feasibility  of the proposals. If the learning facilitator believes that clearance from the university's  Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) is needed, they will advise which if any of the  proposals will need to be formally submitted for approval; it is the student's responsibility  to obtain HREC approval for any project involving research on human subjects.  

The format required is not meant to be onerous. Between half and one page is appropriate  for each idea. An introduction, formal document sections, conclusion and references are  not required for this assignment. It is expected, however, that an original submission is  received and that it will be written in accordance with the Academic Integrity policy.


Introduction of industry

The care staff agencies all across the world are increasing in number, with the increased number of people requiring medical assistance in their old age. As the death rate is decreasing and the medical facilities are improving, the number of people in their old age has increased and they require additional nursing care (Goel, 2001). Apart from this, the care staff agencies also provide domestic care takers, maids, child-carers and other people who can give a hand to their clients in the household chores. However, with the increasing number of care givers employed at homes, there has been an increase in the number of issues between the care givers and the clients (Clarke, 2016). The study will discuss the issues faced by the care staff agencies while proposing their services to the clients and will also highlight the customer service issues between the clients and care providers as well as agencies and care providers. It will identify the major issues through secondary study approach, and suggest the alternative measures which can be adopted by these companies to resolve these issues. 


Background of the company

The company which we have chosen for study is Carestaff Healthcare Solutions. The company was established in 1999 and since then, it has been providing personal, warm and professional healthcare services to its clients. They provide the services as per the lifestyle needs and provides flexibility to the clients to choose the best possible option for them. It places the aged care facilities and the nurses on contract to the clients for taking care of their loved ones. The nurses and the other healthcare staff provided by them is skilled and experienced (Carestaff Nursing, 2018).

Major Issues faced by care staff agency

The care staff agency is associated with offering the home care services to their clients. These services can be thought as the real- life savers for the ones dealing with the elderly patients or children at their homes. The care staff agency provides nurses or home caregivers to the clients for aged people at their homes. But, there are a number of issues faced by the seniors and the caretakers. The major issues which reside between them are related to the communication gap between the two, due to cultural differences and the inefficient training of the care givers which enables them to commit several mistakes, which sometimes, can be fatal for the clients. The staffing agencies face a number of challenges while recruiting the talented and skilled staff to serve the purpose (OBE & Hurtley, 2012).

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