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Building development and planning approval legislations - Expert Assignment Help


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For this assignment you are required to imagine that you have been engaged as a consultant by a client wishing to build a new dwelling house on a vacant lot in your local government area. 

The client would like you to prepare a report that demonstrates:

  • What type of Planning/building approval would be required before they can start work? (For example, Development Approval, Complying Development Approval, Building Permit, Construction Certificate, whichever is relevant in your State or Territory). WESTERN AUSTRALIA
  • Whether the proposal does or does not comply with the requirements of the planning legislation relevant to your state or territory. 

A copy of the plans for the proposed dwelling has been attached for your information.

You can make the following assumptions

    1. The site is zoned residential
    2. The property falls within your local government area
    3. A separate assessment has already revealed that the proposed building complies with the construction and energy efficiency requirements of the BCA. You do not need to consider these in your report. 


The proposed construction and development site is at 483, Burns Beach Road, Perth-6028, Western Australia, and the proposal is about the construction of a new residential single storey house on an empty and vacant lot that is situated in local government area. The building consists of two bedrooms, one hall and kitchen and adjoining bathrooms, and the project is being undertaken by a well-known estate developer company Acorn Reality. This report gives a detailed description of the planning and development requirements, instruments and approvals for this type of construction work; also added are the necessary assessments and inspections of the site, the proposal and the plans and whether there are any constraints, any applicable fees to be paid or any levies that can be subjected to this project. 


Development Assessment

The proposed project must comply with a number of government laws and acts if necessary approval is to be attained by the contractors. Any kind of developmental or construction work in Western Australian territories require strict abidance of the Planning and Development Act 2005 which is the primary legislation for town planning works in Western Australia. Other acts that must be complied with are the Environment Protection Act 1986 and Town Planning Regulations 1967 and Subdivisions 2000. The Burns Beach Area has been formally designated as a residential area and hence a single dwelling as proposed by the developers can be constructed. The site has not been deemed any kind of heritage site, neither there is any kind of contamination hazard in that area.    The following assessments which are relevant for the planning of this construction project are summarised as follows:- 

The Planning and Development 2005 act is the principal legislation instrument that governs developments and constructions in Western Australia. The act has been amended and certain regulations and subdivisions have been added to aid in the approval of any kind of local planning and development applications; the said amendment is the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2014. This act enables and empowers local governments to approve local planning schemes and also formulate processes that help in the application and approval of any kind of construction plan. (A Guide to Building Approval Process in Western Australia, 2014)

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