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The goal of this paper is to access your understanding of major topics of development across the lifespan as applied to an individual’s life.



A biographical analysis is a narration of an individual’s life where the life of the subject is critically examined. Unlike a biography, where the major chunk of the narration is based on telling the story of a person’s life, the biographical analysis deals with the different stages of life and the underlying criticalities of it. As Professor Sara Warner rightly pointed out, that a biographical analysis has “short segments of narration” and “long sections of analysis” (Warner, 1995), our biographical analysis shall have a similar pattern where first, the life of the subject shall be discussed and then the life shall be analyzed based on several developments and theories of an individual's life span. 


Historical Background

The biography is based on a person of 80 years of age who is now a father, father-in-law as well as a grandfather. The subject recalls that when he was 5 years old, he moved along with his family to the city from the countryside. He had two brothers and one sister. He recalls that moving to the city was a decision taken by his parents to avoid the negative influence of certain relatives staying together. Thus began their journey into the concept of a nuclear family from a joint family, and he was not happy with it. But his father had to start from scratch, and there was a time when they didn’t have a clock in the house. The subject was a small child of 7 years when he started going to a new school in the city, and he had to walk a couple of miles to reach the school. He remembers that he would walk out of the house and check the big clock in the market place. If he had enough time, he would come back to help his mother with his household chores and run along to school after that. He also remembers his elder brother would give him a lot of studies to do and would hit him if he didn't complete them. But he explains with pride that this hardship had ultimately given him the tenacity to become a successful attorney later in his life.

His father used to work in a government organization, and his mother used to stay at home and look after kids and family. They belonged to a middle-class society, and they had very good neighbours who used to take care of each other. He felt like being part of an extended family in the neighbourhood. He remembers that he was a very outspoken and straightforward child from his adolescence. 

In those days, parents were not so concerned about the kid’s school and the proceedings; however, the subject’s elder brother used to help them with their studies and ensured that they study well. He had a lot of friends from almost all strata of the society. He also married a very sweet lady from an upper-class family who provided him with 3 beautiful children – one daughter and two sons.

However, he and his wife had a very traumatic experience when their daughter passed away at the early age of 21 years. They each other, along with their sons, formed a very strong bond among themselves. He started feeling severely lonely when his wife passed away at the age of 60 years. In spite of having his friends, sons and their family, he was all alone. He tried to submerge himself in his work and his grandchildren, who happened to be the apples of his eyes. But due to his failing eyesight, his first love, his work is also getting affected.

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