Automation and Big Data Analysis in Aviation Industry Implications for Qantas airline
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Automation and Big Data Analysis in Aviation Industry Implications for Qantas airline


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Part A: Choose an industry (e.g. social media, health Insurance, banking, hospitals, airlines, mining,  retail, transport, energy, conservation) which would benefit from at least two of the following; big data  analytics, automation, business intelligence (BI) or better visualisation tools. Your lecturer can help you  chose an Industry if you are having difficulties. 

Part B: Research and describe information systems & software tools used in two of these four areas, (big data analytics, automation, business intelligence (BI) or better visualisation tools) and why they are  useful.

Part C: Provide an application of the tools researched in PART B to the Industry you have chosen in  PART A. 

For example, real-time analysis of shopping habits of customers at airports (analytics), machine learning  for business start-ups in retail (BI), graphics which maps out hospital patient journeys (visualisation),  robots which clean windows (automation).  

Part D: Compare the application and tools used with what currently happens in the industry, and explain  any ethical, financial, security issues related to this. 

For example, compare window cleaning by hand, with the application, window cleaning by robot. You  would have to consider the man who usually cleans windows and that he will lose his job. Can we  compensate him in some way? 

*** Note that your assignment should have a short introduction and summary. 




Advancements in computing technologies and innovative business software are making ground-breaking changes in various different industries (Wil, Rosa & Santoro 2016). 

In this report, benefits and implications of two of the most popular new innovative business solutions – big data analytics and automation are evaluated for airline industry with an example of Qantas airline.


Part A 

Airline industry is one of the biggest industries in the global economy that has expanded furthermore with inclusion of low-cost airlines and reduced barriers due to globalization. Airline industry operations can benefit significantly from use of big data analysis to find the best routes through historical data (Wyman 2017). Additionally, automation can help the industry in the regular maintenance of the aircrafts. 

Part B

For the purpose of implementation in the airline industry, selected tools have the following potential benefits- 

Automation – automation is the process of performing operations using machinery that run without requiring any human interruption. Automation introduces higher efficiency and work throughput to a project. For a major airline company like Qantas, a large number of business processes require maintenance and manual work, such as checking the large fleet of aircrafts for any fault or damage after each flight. These processes are currently performed through manual interruptions which use machine parts to perform maintenance. Through adoption of automation technology, Qantas can remove human interruption to make maintenance process robust, eliminate human error, higher cost efficiency, and increased reliability.

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