Australian Computer Society: Ethical Issues in ICT Industry
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Australian Computer Society: Ethical Issues in ICT Industry


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1. Identify an ethical issue in ONE of the following four YouTube  videos: 

  • Video1:
  • Video2:
  • Video3: 
  • Video4:
  • Include the link to the video in the references list of your assignment.
  • Undertake further research about the ethical issue you identified in your chosen video to assist you in analysing and discussing it in your  essay. 

2. Analyse the ethical issue from the perspective of the Australian  Computer Society Code of Professional Conduct. 

3. Make a recommendation on the basis of your analysis providing  reasons for this recommendation. 

4. Include a Reference list at the end of your work, in the correct APA  referencing style, corresponding to in-text citations. You must  include at least TWO (2) quality academic references (one for each  ethical perspective) from different sources. Please note that these  references are in addition to those provided to you through this  subject (for example, you still must reference, Tavani textbook, the  Interact subject lecture notes etc BUT these references cannot be  used as one of your three quality academic references from different  sources). Only include references that have been cited in the body of  your assignment and ones that support what you have presented in  your assignment. The word limit is 1000 words ± 10%. Note:  Headings, citations, references and any appendices do not count  towards your word limit, but quotations do. At the start of the  assignment indicate in brackets the word count of your assignment  excluding those items mentioned above.


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: • be able to analyse ethical problems from the point of view of ICT  professionals using the Australian Computer Society (ACS) Code of  Ethics.



It is important for every organisation and its employees to abide by a definite code of ethics for ensuring sustainable working and stakeholder value. In this regard, the Australian Computer Society (ACS) has to follows the Code of Professional Conduct which is a part of the Society’s Regulations (Al-Saggaf, Burmeister & Schwartz, 2017). The Code of Professional Conduct is applied to all the members of ACS that work in the field of ICT (Information and Communications Technology). There are six core ethical values defined under the Code of Professional Conduct which are: the primacy of the public interest, the enhancement of quality life, honesty, competence, professional development and professionalism (Australian Computer Society, 2014). In this regard, this paper analysed an ethical issue against professionalism value presented in video titled Development Methodology for identifying the ethical issue and presented crucial recommendations for resolving the identified ethical issue.


Identification of the Ethical Issue

The scenario depicted in the video is concerned with the call made by a client of a software organisation about changing the specifications of contracted software to a junior developer. The video depicts that the junior manager agreed to change the specifications of the contracted software and stated that there would be no delay in the scheduled software. This call is overheard by one of the managerial personnel of the organisation; three options are provided after this scene. The first option is that the junior developer should forward such request to the project manager, the second option is that the project manager shouts at the junior developer, and the third option is that project manager encourages the action of the developer (, 2016). The ethical issue identified in this video related to professionalism as the junior developer should have abided to the contract terms related to software or should have consulted his project manager before promising changes to the client.

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