Attraction and Event Management
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Attraction and Event Management


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The purpose of this individual assignment is to develop student skills in understanding the role of  events and attractions within the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. This will enable you to learn  the building blocks of the events management.  

Individually, you are required to analyse an event of your choice and create a brief 800 words  event overview of its core elements. In your event brief you must consider the following aspects: 

  1. Identify the type, dimension and associated attractions of the chosen event.  2. Provide a brief analysis of the categorisation indicators such as 
  2. Form or content (eg. Sports event, cultural event, business event, etc) 
  3. Location and Size 
  4. Budget considerations 
  5. Number of participants 
  6. Identify Event Stakeholders and discuss their involvement in the chosen event.  

You must incorporate theories and concepts related to events management discussed in the  topics from weeks 1 to 4. In preparing your event brief, you will need to reference at least 12  sources of information. These may include corporate websites, government publications, industry  reports, census data, journal articles, and newspaper articles.  

Your event brief document MUST follow a professional structure: 

  • Title Page 
  • Event Brief 
  • Reference List (you must apply Harvard Referencing Style) 



Events hold a very important place in promoting a country and its tourism. The extent of benefits borne from the event largely depends on the event size and form. Commonwealth games, the name in itself speaks its extent. Initiated in 1930, the Commonwealth games has been a major source of income in whichever country it has been hosted along with a new evolution in the field of tourism. Commonwealth Games 2018 (Gold Coast, 2018), is one such international multi-sport event conducted in Queensland, Australia in the first half of April 2018. With a footfall of some 1.5 billion, the event, has not only promoted tourism but also local businesses and opportunities, standard of living, facilities and benefits for the whole country.


Event brief

Gold Coast, Australia, though has undergone all the stages of the Tourism Area Life Cycle (TAIC Model), stands in the stage where rejuvenation has been identified to be possible (Tepe 2016).This brings in a need to keep an eye on identifying measures that can help enhance tourism opportunities and footfalls in the location by means of this mega event. The Commonwealth Games 2018, brings in a plethora of opportunities in this regard. Especially, being a major event, the opportunities are even higher.

The mega event draws in stakeholders ranging from sports federations and clubs, government, big businesses and cultural and festivity groups. The investment made for the event is such planned that it serves benefit in the long run beyond the event. Considering the Gold Coast 2018 games, the government has claimed that the $550million games village would be converted to a research centre for health sciences linked with a university and hospital alongwith (World Tourism Organization (Unwto) 2017). Also, indoor arenas would be converted to movie studios (Robertson 2017). Both the infrastructural plans depict promotion of the location in terms of tourism and hospitality bringing in scope for development of businesses in the long-run (T 2015). Other than the specified infrastructure, for the purpose of resorting people who would attend the games as participants and viewers, huge stay options, food options as well as welfare facilities have been developed across the area promoting the growth and lucrative aspect of the location for further development of Australia as a whole, driving more tourist-based income and immediate job opportunities for the locals (Council of the City of Gold Coast 2018).

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