Assignment 2 IP Address Allocation
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Assignment 2 IP Address Allocation


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You are contracted by the company to help with the IP address planning. The following is the new IP address space: 

IPv4 network: 20X.2.XY.0 

IPv6 network: 2001:1234:ABCD: XY00::/56

 where XY is the First 2 digits of your student ID 

Your task in this assignment is to plan and document 

  • An IPv4 address plan for the LAN 
  • An IPv6 address plan for the LAN 

You are expected to provide an efficient and optimum address allocation solution with the following details: 

  1. IP address requirement for each sub-network 
  2. IP address allocation plan for each network/sub-network including network address, subnet mask, broadcast address, default gateway address and valid host address range. 
  3. IP address allocation plan for key network device and interfaces e.g., servers, printers, router interfaces, etc.



With two branches across the Gold Coast region, is involved in software development.  As the company has been assigned with a new space of IP addressing, it has to re-address its entire network of 150 devices in the headquarters, 60 and 40 devices in Branch A and B respectively. 

An IP address is assigned to each device in a network for unique identification (CISCO 2010). In order to allocation, recycle and document IP addresses and subnets for the network, a suitable IP addressing plan is required. In this report, IPV4 and IPV6 addressing plans are laid out for the topography of's network.


IPv4 Addressing plan

IP version 4 (IPv4) addresses are of 32 bits length and communicated in the form of dotted decimal. Each IP is broken into an octet and comprises of two portions- a network portion and a host portion. The network ID assists in specifying the network to which a specific node or device is connected to.  The host ID identifies the particular node in the IP network. IPV4 is categorized into 3 unicast address classes – A, B and C and 1 multicast address D.

The IPv4 address space assigned for is

This address space belongs to a class C network as it falls between the address ranges to

The network ID part= 203.2.22

The host ID can vary from 0 to 255.

Hence, the IP address can vary from to

As there are three locations considered – headquarter, branch A and branch B, three subnets are required – one for the headquarters and two for branches A and B each. Based on this the IP addresses are to be divided among the three subnets. The requirement for is to connect 150 devices in its headquarters, 60 devices in Branch A and 40 devices in its Branch B. That means each device is to be assigned 1 IP address. Also, the first and the last IP addresses are reserved for the used as network and broadcast address of a specific subnetwork. Therefore, the actual size of the subnets is to be 152,62 and 42 respectively which is the sum of the number of IP addresses for each device and the 2 reserved IP addresses.

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