Assignment 2: Applying methodology
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Assignment 2: Applying methodology


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In assignment 1 you were required to look at 3 possible methodological approaches to your  research project and choose and justify one particular approach. Assignment 2 requires a  further, more in-depth explanation of the chosen methodology and how it could be applied  in your project. The two assignments should contribute to developing your understanding  about methodology to better enable you to write the methodology sections of your  proposal document. 

This assignment requires you to: 

  • Briefly contextualise the assignment by presenting the rationale for the study and  research questions (no marks attributed to this – it is contextualisation for the  reader only) 
  • Discuss the chosen methodological approach (keeping in mind this could be a  blended approach drawing on different methodologies and methods) contextualised  by the research project. (How do you intend to answer your research questions  through this methodology?) Ensure you explain your paradigmatic, epistemological  and ontological positions.   
  • Describe the data collection methods to be used in line with the methodological  approach 
  • Outline and discuss ethical considerations in implementing methodology and  methods and make suggestions as to how you might address some of these Outline and briefly discuss data analysis techniques appropriate for the methodology  and type/s of data collected 
  • Outline what modes of data presentation might be appropriate given the  methodology and type/s of data collected 

Tips for successful completion 

  1. Ensure you are working with your supervisors to consider which methodologies are  appropriate 
  2. Ensure you are being consistent with the way research terms are used in this course. 3. Ensure you edit your work and that the use of academic language is of a HDR student  standard 
  3. Align the number of words in each section of the assignment to the value that  section is given in the marking criteria. The more marks the section is worth the  more words you should 'spend' on writing it. 
  4. Explain and justify. This is a HDR course. Do not assume your reader will connect  your ideas in the same way you do. What may seem like a logical connection to you  may come from your more intimate knowledge of your project and a reader may not  seem the same connection. This assignment requires more than an explanation of  the methodology. In addition, it requires a justification of why that methodology is  appropriate to your project and research questions. 
  5. Make sure you are taking full advantage of resources provided on study desk to  assist you to understand the assignment task


Rationale for the Study

The proposed research would seek to examine organisations using structured career development programmes to determine if there is a correlation in the retention of committed employees.  The study would include an investigation of individual employees to determine their level of commitment to their organisation as a result of an organisational career development programme. It is generally accepted that most workplaces will be affected by the introduction of technology, in particular, algorithms and robotics. This study will be particularly interested in examining evidence of planning by both the organisation and employees for the potential impact of technology.   Through this study it is intended to address the gaps in understanding how affective career development programmes are in fulfilling individual career growth and employee retention in light of the advances in technology impacting on employment.  

This research would explore the answers for the following research questions.

  • Does a multi-dimensional structured career development programme have a positive association in the continuance of employees? 
  • Do employees feel committed to the organisation by participating in a structured career development programme? 
  • Are there long-term benefits through a structured career development programme for employees? 
  • Is there evidence that organisations are structuring career development programmes to prepare employees for changes resulting from the introduction of technology? 

This research study would be based on a narrative approach as it would assist in contextualizing the experiences of study participants based on analysis and interpretation.


Narrative Methodological Approach

Narrative methodology is one of the qualitative methodologies that allow the collection, analysis, interpretation and reporting of data to obtain the desired outcomes for the research study (McAlpine 2016). Narratives comprise of the incorporation of events and contexts with an evaluative conclusion that produce coherent information from the perspective of the narrator. In this case, the narrator is an active agent (Elliott 2005, p. 12). The framework adopted in such a narrative scenario is identity construction (Riessman 2008, pp. 568-569). With the development and description of narratives, people are able to explain about their part, present and future with the reformation of experiences. These narratives form a long-term reference point which are replicated over their life and play an influential role on self-views, decisions and action plans. It is to be noted that narrative is capable of influencing the hearers' perception of the narrator. 

The main reason for the use of narrative methodology in this proposed study is its interpretive nature. The narrative method is used in sociology, organisational researches and gender and education related studies. It involves storytelling and recounting events that shaped a person's life and make them as agents for their life (McAlpine 2016). Researchers using narrative method hold a general assumption that story of the agent as a basic unit for human experience. 

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