Assessment 2 Guided Review of Nominated Literature
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Assessment 2 Guided Review of Nominated Literature


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The aim of this assessment item is to enable students to explore, in detail, the research process by reviewing a journal article.

Please use the research methods literature to inform the guided review. The assessment must comply with following:

  • Students must respond to each of the questions provided in the guide for analysis using academic writing. It is anticipated that the work will be presented in a question/ answer format using full sentences and paragraphs. 
  • Referencing must be presented in APA 6. The nominated article (COPD) does not need to be referenced in text. 
  • A  maximum of five (5)  recent academic references must be used to demonstrate your understanding ( published no earlier than 2012).


  • The questions provided in the guide and reference list are not included in the word limit


Background of the study

1. Describe the health issue and a number of detailed consequences

This study is about self-management of patients depicting exacerbations in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) so as to improve their conditions. This in turn would obviously reduce hospital admissions. Patients of COPD depicted symptoms such as cough, sputum, high temperature (visible symptoms) as well as 'invisible symptoms' such as chest sensations (heaviness, tightness and soreness) and bodily knowledge wherein the patients predicted the occurrence of disease via experiencing exacerbations.


2. Describe the current knowledge of the topic

COPD is associated with increased morbidity and mortality rates all across the globe (Farmer A et al, 2014). Detailed research studies have indicated that effective self-management of COPD leads to improvement of the disease, thereby reducing hospital admissions (Effing T et al, 2005 and Taylor SJ et al, 2005, Farmer A et al, 2014). Furthermore, use of computer and internet technologies in the form of telehealth-based interventions help patients in understanding their symptoms, monitoring their condition and providing assistance in identifying treatment plans and safety issues (Farmer A et al, 2014). However, there are mixed conclusions drawn by various studies and therefore, identifying those patients for whom the self-management concepts are suitable is challenging. This in turn would help develop various effective interventions to ensure safety and comfort of these patients (Farmer A et al, 2014).

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