Assessment 2: Annotated bibliography
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Assessment 2: Annotated bibliography


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Write an annotated bibliography for each of the four readings provided for you on the learning site under myReadings related to your discipline. You will use these four readings and draw on your annotated bibliographies when you write your critical essay for Assessment 3.

An annotation is a summary and an evaluation of the key aspects of the source. The annotated bibliography must be referenced using the relevant referencing style for your discipline Harvard referencing style.

Check your Study Guide for useful information about this task.

Each annotation must include:

  • the full reference of each source at the beginning, following Harvard referencing style guidelines
  • a summary or description of the contents of the source
  • a critical evaluation, including reference to credibility, bias and currency
  • a statement of the relevance or usefulness of the source to your final essay (Assessment 3).

Each annotated bibliography should be 250 words (1000 words total) excluding the reference.


This paper evaluates the influence that social media platforms have for a business organization and its growth. According to the researcher, social media has empowered the businesses by giving them a direct platform that allows businesses to interact with the customers without resorting to a mediator. In addition to this, social media also helps businesses establish a two-way communication with the customers rather than the single-direction promotion method that is inherent in conventional marketing mediums like TV, magazines, and print media. Researcher makes the argument by basing his opinions on existing literature that use of social media platforms to promote business services is a two-way street for businesses as this method does offer businesses extensive reach to the customers. This approach also allows businesses more flexibility in terms of marketing, but it also has negative aspects as any mistake on social media platforms get amplified to the public instantly from the social media platforms. Based on analysis of the literature, researcher recommends business managers to tread carefully on social media for marketing purposes by adopting a well-prepared social media marketing plan. 

This research study is timely and very relevant in today's marketplace as social media marketing is very popular. Limitation of this paper is that it does not make use of case studies or primary data, relying entirely on secondary data sources and existing literature. However, the resources used by the researchers are from reputed journals, giving credibility to the findings of this paper. This paper identifies both positive and negative aspects of social media usage in business growth that can get elaborated on in final essay. 


Kelly, B, Vandevijvere, S, Freeman, B & Jenkin, G 2015, ‘New Media but Same Old Tricks: Food Marketing to Children in the Digital Age’, Current Obesity Reports, vol 4, no. 1, pp. 37-45.

This research paper puts emphasis on the corporations having access to digital media as a way of promoting food products directly to children. Researchers in this study point out that with marketing channels like social media, companies are not constrained to healthy promotional strategy and children are getting excessively exposed to the promotional tactics of the food products. Using empirical data, researchers have argued that majority of the companies are using social media as a preferred tool to reach to the customers. Through identification of empirical data, researchers make it clear that the way business companies are using social media and other digital media tools to market their food products to children is indeed influencing children to change their food preferences and habits, which is causing extensive harm to health of young children as majority of promotional content on social media is from fast-food manufacturers. In addition to data collection from literature sources, case study analysis approach was also utilized for advertisements of food products on Facebook in New Zealand. Researchers suggest that existing policies and regulations on digital media platforms are not sufficient and recommend use of new policies that are more reflective of current day digital media platforms.

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