Article Analysis
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Article Analysis


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You must provide a separate critique of 400 words for each article.

Use the following guide questions to assist you to focus each critique but do not respond to each question individually. You must provide a synthesised response which considers your own pre-existing knowledge and cultural competence.

  1. Thinking about  your knowledge of Australian history, does the author provide all the information required to understand the issue being discussed? What information is missing?
  2. Is there a presumption that readers already hold views about Indigenous peoples? What are the taken-for-granted assumptions?
  3. What would a reader infer about the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples based on the text of the article? How are Indigenous and non-Indigenous people positioned in the article?
  4. Is there an Indigenous viewpoint included in the article? If yes, how does the author use Indigenous perspectives to support or contradict the main message? If no, how could this influence a readers’ perception of Indigenous people and of the main message in the article? 
  5. How might Indigenous and non-Indigenous readers interpret the ideas expressed?

This task does not require you to express your opinion on the points made in the articles. You must critique the article to identify the main ideas that are evident and then analyse the sub-text – 'reading-between-the lines' – to investigate the impact of the message in reinforcing ideas about Australian culture and Indigenous peoples and issues.


Article 1 Analysis: 'First Fleet ‘good’ for Aboriginals: Tony Abbott'

The article focuses on one of the past event that is the arrival of the First Fleet of eleven ships in Australia with about 1480 women, men and children in 1787 and its impact on the Australian culture. The information provided by the author in this article is very limited. He has not even explained the meaning of the term First Fleet and the arrival of a large number of Aboriginals to the Australian coast. A brief explanation of the original nationalities of the Aboriginals could have provided a better explanation for their impact in shaping the culture of Australia. As mentioned in the article, arrival of the Fleet is a good thing for Australia, as it has developed the culture of Australia as a blend of cultures of multiple nationalities. It also brought the western civilization into the country and modernized Australian culture. The people of Australia agree to this fact. The article presents opinion of the Prime Minister of Australia that the indigenous people have been benefitted by westernization as it has led to introduction of new technologies, job opportunities and others. This will have an impact on politics of the nation as well which has been mentioned in the article. However, there have been reports of conflict between the indigenous people and the white settlers as indigenous people may have to face the competition for getting jobs due to the increased number of migrated people. For this, the Prime Minister has supported a few programs which requests companies to prefer hiring indigenous people. The article has not provided any information about the relationship between the indigenous and non-indigenous people residing in Australia, whether they are living in harmony or the country faces the issue of conflicts between the two communities.


On one hand, the Prime Minister says that the coalition government may come into power in Australia which shows that the country supports the non-indigenous people as well and on the other hand, he says that the job preferences must be given to the indigenous people of Australia. This shows that the government is a little more inclined towards the welfare of indigenous people. Therefore, the working section of the country may find the article a little depressing. The article has presented diplomatic opinions where it supports the incoming of indigenous people and culture and calling it a source of westernization as well as asks companies to prefer people of Australian origin to ensure that all the indigenous people have jobs for them. This article is based on a speech given by Australian Prime Minister on Australia Day where he claims to support both the communities (AAP, 2018). 

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