Application for sustainable tourism funding
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Application for sustainable tourism funding


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Assessment 2: Project Proposal 

Due: 24 August 2018 @ 5.00 pm AEST, uploaded via Turnitin on MySCU site Length: 1500 words Weight: 35% 


As a sustainable tourism expert working for a relevant organisation, you are writing a project  proposal to gain funding from an external donor. The focus of the funding program is on  tourism projects that build on local priorities and opportunities of your selected location. Based  on what you have learned in the unit, develop a funding proposal for a sustainable tourism  project using the application template provided. Ensure that your scenario identifies the  country and the area/region where the project should be initiated; outlines the broader goals,  objectives and activities; and the approach to implementation. Argue why such a project is  needed, relevant, appropriate and beneficial to the chosen location. 

The task 

Firstly, pick a location/context that you are interested in and/or familiar with. Identify a way in  which sustainable tourism could contribute to improving livelihoods and community wellbeing.  Write the funding application by completing the template provided. Stick to the word limits for  each section and be concise but informative. Write, rewrite and refine until every word counts. 

Demonstrate your understanding of sustainability principles and your ability to apply  them to your chosen context and project. Support your approach with relevant research and  references (your reference list is excluded from the word count). 

Need some inspiration for a project? Talk to your tutor who can give you some relevant local  issues that might be of interest and check LiveIdeas ( for projects  that could be made to fit. Your tutor will provide ample opportunities to discuss your ideas and  give you guidance to ensure you are on the right track. So please come prepared to the  tutorials, ask questions and make the most of this opportunity.


The project has been developed on sustainable tourism funding in context of Australian Tourism development sector. The context of the study is to build a tourism that can assist the environment and also enhance the development of a particular place. Additionally, the background of this project has found out some issues that provide serious impact on environmental health. In selecting the tourism organization Globus, the researcher has emerged to develop an effective study in the organizational goal (, 2018). The project is intended to build a significant picture that should be necessarily focused in present context of globalization. After deciding the aim the study has developed to access the


sustainable outcome from tourism development. It has specified those approaches that can be referred to access in order to achieve the goal of the project. Creativity, co existence and diversity are some common dimensions that are useful to deliver a planned approach on the overall project.

Ways of developing sustainable tourism funding 

This project has been conducted to draw a clear picture of sustainable tourism funding. In the views of Hall (2016), sustainable tourism funding can be developed in many ways. Protecting of natural habitat and cultures of a region is of prime importance, if this is not done properly then the natural resources will be destroyed. Greenhouse gas emission from various transports and construction works can lead to the destruction of natural tourist destinations. There should be proper labor allocation in the companies otherwise the banks and other financial institutions may withdraw their funding. Proper economic development and reduction of poverty is the most important aspect of sustainable tourism funding, if the small scale and medium scale businesses flourish then the tourism industry will also grow. Natural disasters and drastic climate change of a region causes huge losses of funds and resources.

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