Animal Movements Lesson Plan
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Animal Movements Lesson Plan


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  1. Develop an integrated plan for promoting Physical Education (PE) in either early education settings or in primary settings. This is an individual assessment task.
  2. Your integrated plan must support full participation, wellbeing and safety of all students including those students with a disability. Your integrated plan will include approaches to formative assessment appropriate to PE.
  3. PE requires careful consideration of management strategies for organising class activities providing clear directions. Your plan should articulate clearly your approach to ensuring student safety and participation is enhanced through careful management of their activity and your plan for providing clear directions.

During the semester a range of topics that relate to child health, safety, wellbeing and HPE have been explored. You are asked to identify one of these with a focus on PE where you would like to know more, and as such be given the opportunity to research and develop an integrated plan for implementation with children in either early childhood settings (Brith – 8 years of age) or in primary settings (P- Year 6).  Choose one age range, for example if you are an early years student you might choose Prep, if you are a primary student, you might choose year 4.

Your plan has four key components and should include the following:

1. Rationale (approx. 800 words) 20%

Provided a well-referenced rationale articulating clear reasons for teaching this unit of work, including:

  • Identify and define your chosen PE promotion topic, key PE concepts and content significance, links to relevant curriculum.
  • State where your lesson will fit within a larger unit of work.
  • Theoretical design and teaching strategies .
  • Consideration of your approaches to managing challenging behaviours within the PE setting.
  • how your unit addresses:
    • the integrated curriculum. What other areas of the curriculum does you plan link to?
    • At least one General Capability 
  • At least one aspect of Student Diversity
  • Methods of assessing the learning from the unit. Methods of formative assessment need to be specific and highlight what and how evidence of achievement will be collected.
  • Draw on Australian research evidence to support your argument.

2. One Detailed Lesson Plan (approx. 500 words) 15%

Create a detailed hands-on PE lesson/ group learning experience for a class/group within the (birth – 12 years of age.  This lesson plan should integrate PE with literacy or numeracy or ICT general capabilities for achieving your Australian Curriculum standard and key concept(s), including formative assessment.  Please state where this lesson would fit within a broader unit plan.  You need to refer to the appropriate curriculum document(s). Ensure it is clear how differentiation and support for student diversity, and assessment of learning will be conducted.

  • Develop a key PE concept(s), linked to the relevant curriculum document(s).
  • Integrate literacy or numeracy or ICT general capability.
  • Describe/list/show resources – e.g., materials for activities, websites, worksheets (any worksheets must be original, and placed in appendix).
  • Can use dot points.
  • Can link to other curriculum areas.
  • 30 – 45 minutes in length.
  • Clearly set out the age group.
  • Caters for diversity and inclusion.
  • Use a template – this is not an essay!
  • Shows assessment strategies.

References: Support your lesson plan with references, where appropriate (APA referencing)

3. Create One Visual Resource 20%

Create one original visual resource to accompany and support your lesson plan.

Visual resource requirements: 

  • 3-5 minutes in length.
  • Can use Powerpoint, Zoom recording, iPad or iPhone recording.
  • Should be appropriate to use in your lesson plan – intended audience is the age group identified in your plan.
  • Must be able to be uploaded to Blackboard, if using Zoom, iPad or iPhone – you will need to create a youTube link and upload the link on you lesson plan.
  • Powerpoint can be directly uploaded to Blackboard, can use an audio file or add notes in the notes section – be aware of the size of your file, if it cannot be emailed, it cannot be uploaded!!

4. Reference list and academic writing 5%

As a guide 10-12 references, including curriculum, policy frameworks, children's literature, reports and other unit readings.



This game is a hybrid between musical chairs, and Simon says. The teacher will be able to enable physical education through play and learn the method.

Australian Curriculum

This lesson plan falls very much within the requirements of the Australian Curriculum for Health and Physical Education. It helps students to:

Refer to:


Assessment requirements

This lesson helps the development of seven distinct motor skills in children. Besides imbibing physical education in children, the lesson also aims at practising various action words. Children will understand the difference between running, hopping, skipping, jumping, walking, stretching and dodging. They will get a visual effect as they will be able to associate each action with an animal. This will ensure that they will never forget these words.

This lesson serves as a foundation for more complex PE lessons. For example, the same actions are applicable in athletic races and sports at higher levels. Students need to know what walking and running mean for almost athletic races and marathons. They need to understand what skipping is for skipping races. Jumping and hopping are required for games like basketball, and dodging is important in games like football, handball, etc.

This lesson is also very entertaining as it adopts the “play and learn method”. Students will be glad to play this game. There is not a moment of boredom.

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