Analytic Paper on Curriculum Model for Post 14 Education
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Analytic Paper on Curriculum Model for Post 14 Education


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Write an assignment in an Analytic Paper on Curriculum Model for Post 14 Education.



This paper reviews the present post 14 education curriculum with special focus on the applied science curriculum. As the student education level increases, the need to introduce the engagement, and participative form of learning also increases (Johnson, 2007). Through this research concerns such as recruitment and training of expert in the profession to impart effective knowledge to the post 14 students is contemplated. Given the advanced learning needs of these students, and post education application of the knowledge by these students in their professional and everyday life, the relevance of this study is recognized. As per Homer (2014), there is a lack of resources, administrative support and expert associated with mathematics and science teachers at this level. With this in mind, the study further draws upon the findings from secondary literature and government reports to reflect that there is a need to improve the school science curriculum, and improve the teaching models of science in schools. 


Through this research varied internal factors such as session plan, staffing and hiring, and administrative aids; as well as external factors such as government and education quality are assessed. The report focuses on the quality of the science teaching workforce at this education level, and raises concerns about the role of the policy makers influencing the curriculum and educational framework. Recommendations to improve the scope of science-based teaching in the classrooms is provided.

Education at post 14 level

Since the introduction of the national curriculum in schools, UK education sector has provided score of opportunities for the students through engaging, participatory theoretical and practical application of their content (Dobson, 2009). Through this review it is discussed that while there are no right models of learning, the involvement of associations such as English Baccalaureate (EBacc) further contributes towards the improvement of the education framework through introducing standardization concepts in the learning process. In their study UK Parliament (2014) construe that higher education within the country focuses on the efficacy and effectiveness of the curriculum, and hence inclusion of the standardized parameter such as EBacc ensures benchmark education is attained by the young adults with respect to specific study choices (Jin et al. 2016). The incorporation of these parameter has increased engagement, motivation and relevance of higher learning for the students, which further contribute towards study of specific elements in the education sector.

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