Analysis and Extension of EAP coursebook unit
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Analysis and Extension of EAP coursebook unit


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Write an assignment on an Analysis and Extension of EAP coursebook unit?



Within a classroom each student differs with respect to their cultural and social values, with varying critical perspectives. With this in mind, many tertiary educators advocate the introduction of critical learning as part of the English as an academic purpose (EAP) course. Through such frameworks, the students gain a sense of engagement, while being provided the opportunity of being nurtured as per delicate scaffolding (Wilson, 2016). As we reflect upon the relevance of student engagement and inclination with respect to classroom discussion, the relevance of critical thinking is addressed through this paper with the analysis of the course book chapter 'Society for EAP students'. For the purpose of this paper, the learner group identified are a collection of 20 students from China, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Philippines. These students belong to different learning background, and are aged between 25-40 years. The students are enrolled in an EAP course, as they will be taking courses in Australian universities and want to improve their academic English skills. This chapter allows the students to gain confidence in discussing issues about the society, reflect and understand the structure of argumentative essays, understand the limitations of over-generalization and gain cohesive writing and reading skills amongst others. Through this paper, the general discussion of the chapter and their implications for the EAP learners will shared in detail in the context of a student group.


General description and evaluation 

Through this chapter, the author intends to introduce the concept of critical thinking and reflection in the classroom, and allows the student to not only engage with their peers, rather also learn to decipher their perspective. This chapter focuses on the topic of 'society', and discuss concepts such as western family, education and social issues amongst others. While, the topic is intended for the audience who are bound to study social science and are interested in developing their English competency in that area, overall, the introduction of the chapter and its assignment will help the students gain excerpt about the western culture. For most of the students from non-western backgrounds, accustoming to a new surrounding along with a new culture can be a challenge, in which context lessons such as this can help in cultural acclimatization (Canton et al, 2017).

The chapter focuses on four core skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading. In the context of the speaking exercise, signposting expressions shared in the chapter has high relevance (p. 52). As per this task, the students are supposed to pair up and talk about varied topics, and in the meantime, the partner is expected to count how many times the use of signpost expression has been evident in the conversation. This is a combination task for speaking as well as listening, and though such activities the students are taught to speak about certain topics, and also learn an important form of communication in academic learning frameworks. Since, a lot of educators use signpost expressions such as, 'now, let's move on to….' in the classrooms, the relevance of this exercise is recognized in the context of the present learner group.

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