A Personal Literacy Profile
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A Personal Literacy Profile


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The response to this assessment task must be grounded in the Australian Curriculum. 

In this assignment preservice teachers will create their own literacy e-portfolio utilising accessible ICT resources such as wikis, blogs, Google Docs, Google Sites, and WordPress.   

Outline: Develop a multimodal literacy profile of yourself to showcase your understanding, knowledge and skills. You are encouraged to add photos, text, images, music and so forth as a part of your individual profile. 


Traditionally, we have been made to believe that 'literacy' is merely an ability to be able to read and write. While, it cannot be denied that these aspects does encompass the basic framework of literacy, yet, in today' time literacy is recognized as a holistic entity. In this sense, I look at the views proposed by Jeff Magee, who suggests, 'Literacy is an essential aspect of our everyday lives that is embedded in our activities, social interactions & relationships. It is not only the ability to read & write, but to comprehend.' We live in a world that is ever changing, in such scenario functioning with a limited knowledge, will not sustain growth alone, rather there is a need to comprehend the complexity of literacy to increase its scope for the students. 

As an Australian educator, reflecting upon literacy and what it entails become even more pronounced, as the curriculum demands for evidence based learning expectations from the students (Albright and Luke, 2010). With this in mind, I personally, see literacy as a mode to achieve not just skills or knowledge, rather, I see it as a medium through one becomes cognitive inclined to use these skills in broader settings.


We have come from a long time, since education was considered as a luxury and only a selected few were taught how to read and write. Today, we move in the digital era where acquisition of merely reading and writing skills does not complete education for a being, and literacy is recognized as a right. In this sense, Lee (2011), reflects that literacy has been affected by the social practices across the world. In this Lynch (2007) also points out that the reading and comprehension abilities of a child can be traced back to the home environment of a child, thus focusing on the impact of social and economic considerations towards the literacy.

When I look at the social and economic drivers of my own education, I cannot help but marvel on the simplicity of this association. As a young child, I have tried and evolve my learning and literacy acquisition based on the social parameters. Meanwhile, my own early years of literacy has been marked through the efforts of the parents who wanted to sustain in a tumultuous social environment. In this sense I was provided with tools to gain not only education in the sense of skills or aptitude, rather also, in the sense of analytic thinking and critical analysis.

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