7 Must Have Paragraphs In Your Theory Of Knowledge Essay
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7 Must Have Paragraphs In Your Theory Of Knowledge Essay


Here's How Theory of Knowledge Essay will Help You Write a Better Essay

Let’s first understand a basic terminology before we proceed ahead. First of all what is Tok, a ToK or Theory of Knowledge is basically evaluated through oral presentations and 1600 word essays. This essay invites students to focus on the nature of knowledge and to investigate how we have come to know about the facts that we claim we know. When you can choose the right title for the ToK essay, you can write it easily. So, you need to choose a title which focuses on areas that are of your personal interest
What sometimes happens is you might not be inspired by the relevant knowledge issues, in that case it is unlikely that you will be able to write anything meaningful about the topic. You should also understand where your own Strengths and Weaknesses are. When you have a natural inclination towards the arts, it is always better to choose a ToK essay relating to it.

strength and weakness quadrents

Body of a Knowledge Question

The body will focus on another knowledge area. Once you have decided on the Knowledge Question or KQ, you are expected to select three aspects of knowledge and each of these will be viewed as arguments. For instance, if you were an advocate and you had to prove that your client was not guilty of a certain crime, you would have to prepare different types of arguments.
You would have to show that

He was not present at the location at the time of the crime
, or that he is an honest person with strong morals
, or that he lacks knowledge needed to carry out such a crime.

A ToK student will also provide counter claims showing reasons which may make your client guilty of the said crime. A good essay writer will therefore come up with arguments both in favour of and against the KQ.

You can use the following tips to structure a good Tok essay

essay structure

1. The introductory paragraph is the one where you present your KQ. You are expected to give your thesis statement in this section. You are also expected to provide a road map in the form of a sentence which will present a preview. This will show the reader what you will be discussing in the following body paragraphs. You must clarify how you will explore the KQ and which areas of knowledge you will be examined. This makes it simple for examiners identify the areas better.

2. The second paragraph refers to the next section where you will mention the claim you are making in your essay. This claim is basically a topic sentence outlining your arguments concerning the KQ. In this section, you are also expected to provide details for explaining the claim and clarifying the claim. Here, you will have to give real-life examples from your personal life for supporting claims made. All examples offered must be borrowed from personal experiences; they should be real and specific.

3. In the third paragraph, you are expected to provide counterclaims, or arguments which will oppose the claim made. Here too you must offer examples in support of the counterclaims. In this paragraph, you should sum up the complex insights and include two more body paragraphs to focus on the areas of knowledge and ways of knowing.

4. In the fourth paragraph you must discuss the claim, explain it in details and support it with examples.

5. The fifth paragraph will include the counter claims backed by examples and you are expected to relate this to the Knowledge Question.

6. In the following paragraph, you must show the implications and importance of the KQ and cite reasons as to why it is necessary for the readers to know this. You can also put forward another perspective or viewpoint that you may have gathered from some other individual who may have had divergent life experiences to share.

7. In the final paragraph, you must sum up the arguments and the thesis statement. It is here that you will highlight what you have learnt about the KQ.

You have to understand that all the ToK essays are cross-disciplinary and there will never be simply one way of knowing. At the same time, you must be careful about the areas of knowledge and the ways of knowing that you are including. You have to review notes to refresh the understanding and to ensure that you have got relevant connections between them. Making an outline is useful because it helps to develop arguments better and paragraphs flow from one to another.

7 Must Have Paragraphs in your Theory of Knowledge Essay

You should do a lot of research from class lectures and website content or through interactions with people to find arguments both in favour of and against the KQ. You must clarify the scope of the essay and indicate which AoKs and WoKs you will include. It may be a good idea to read the ToK essays by others. In case you are still unsure as how to start you can seek assignment help from a professional essay writer. They will understand your talent and can recommend ways on how to use your strengths better for writing a good ToK essay. The custom assignment provider will ask you to choose a question which is related to knowing and then choose three knowledge aspects that you will relate the topic to. The habit of continuous editing will help you come up with a well-balanced writing.