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  1. A short contextual overview of the novel – explain the genre, historical background, and location of the written text. 
  2. Identify two or three major themes and literary devices used in the novella, Animal Farm. Try to explain how these themes are treated in the novel. (You should include a discussion of literary devices such as figures of speech, allusions to other literature or historical events/characters, etc.)
  3. Compare and contrast the development of these themes in the novel and the film.  Which text is more effective in achieving Orwell's purpose in your view? Support your opinion with evidence from the two texts. 
  4. Try to offer some insights into human nature which emerge from Animal Farm
  5. To what extent do you understand that the novel and its reflection of human nature may have relevance to the contemporary world? You may refer to events or phenomena that have occurred elsewhere or that may be occurring in the present time. What do you think of the relevance of this literary work in the contemporary world? 
  6. References & in-text citations: these are necessary but the list of references is not typically counted as part of the word count for this assignment.
    • Please make sure that you insert an accurate list of references.
    • Please ensure that you acknowledge any source of information directly, and clearly by using in-text citations, appropriate use of quotations, etc.


Portfolio Task 1

Animal Farm


Animal Farm is the political satire based on the Soviet Union which got published in 1945. Orwell himself accepted that his purpose was to fight against totalitarianism in effect to the Russian political issues and socialist movements there. Orwell has been a socialist who tried to establish socialism by ridiculing the people who accepted Soviet myth without criticizing its effects. Through this, he meant the leftist intellectuals.  It basically means about the myth that Stalin’s reign of totalitarian rule and his dictatorship was, in turn, a socialist regime. 



Animal Farm is considered as a satire of power that targets beyond the specific state and historical context mentioned in the book. Some of the major themes that have been discussed in the novella are satire, religion, tyranny and false allegiance. Satires are defined as an art where the writers attack what they see as human folly (LeBoeuf, 2007). Orwell discovered the popular English satire written in 1726, Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels. His book, like Gulliver's Travel, attacks the prominent follies of his time. Napoleon is shown as a person who has a lust for power; and therefore, he justifies his deeds with some excuses. He justified his stealing of milk and apples by saying that pigs need this food more than the other animals because pigs work as managers. Religion is the other important theme that has been attacked by Orwell. The animals normally don't believe on the Moses' stories of a paradise as he is known as 'teller of tales', but when their lives worsen, they start believing him and start believing about another world which is paradise because their lives are bare and laborious here. 


The 1954 film, Animal Farm, carries the same themes as the novel. It starts with the plight of the animals of Manor Farm because of the drunken and non-effective owner, Mr. Jones. One night, when the animals were shown the revolutionary path by an old boar, they sang their revolutionary song and decided to revolt. Next morning when they were not given breakfast, they broke into the storehouse and drove Mr. Jones away from the farm. The Farm then got renamed as Animal Farm. Napoleon, ahead pig, became the leader of the Farm. The Seven Commandment of Animalism was written on the wall in which the most important was 'All Animals are equal'. However, Napoleon soon started to act like a tyrant ruler.

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