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  • I would like to have a lot of examples of trademarks that become generics. Also, I want to know how the trademarks owners protect their trademarks from become a generic. I also want to have examples of trademarks that become generic.
  • Quotes from resources (no more than 4-6 sentences each page) )
  • I want footnotes if possible. I would like to have the citations and links.
  • could you please put an international flavor in the essay. for example comparing cases happened in Europe and cases happened in USA.
  • I would like to know about law cases that handle trademarks that became generic.
  • I want footnotes if possible. I would like to have the citations and links. 



Change leadership has vital significance in influencing others by personal vision, drive and advocacy for building a solid platform for any change (Krummaker et al. 2009). The current task has been presented into four different parts, such as part A, B, C and D. The assignment would also integrate the learning about the leadership, the values, organisational change and culture of leadership, change challenges and approaches. The current assignment has focused on a significant organisational change leadership challenge which has been practically experienced. The leadership challenge has occurred in terms of diversity in the workforce. It has been experienced in the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM).


Part A: Description of the scale and nature of change leadership challenge and the present and potential impact over the internal and external environment of the organisation, Description of the scale and nature of the change leadership challenge:

When any organisation is navigating in a large-scale, the organisational leader faces the leadership challenge as cited by Bruch and Vogel (2008). The African monitoring process came as the response to the government challenges when the continents experienced poor economic performance and political instability after independence at the 1960s. African states for several years relied only on multilateral, bilateral donors and the development partners for solving governance issues. But this approach had limited impact. There were several challenges for African leaders in the form of poverty, political turmoil and the underdevelopment which continued to plague. One complex challenge of APRM’s leadership is institutional paralysis (Crosset al. 2013).Ostrom defined concept that one is required to understand the shared prescriptions. The mutual understanding refers to an enforced prescription regarding what actions are needed, permitted or prohibited. The institutional system used to regulate the exercise of authority and ensuring of compliance (Bruch and Vogel, 2011). Thus, the institutional analysis for APRM involves examination for creating several issues. These have raised vital challenges in the organisation. There are also critical challenges which the change leaders are required to be deal with, such as managing with the culturally diverse workforce and the change workforce demographics. Change focus is at the specific organisational processes. The change type which is required in the current case is the process-oriented and people-oriented change. Change kaleidoscope, which is the diagnostic framework, can be useful in this sensitive change method. In the current case change, contextual features would present the change in workforce demographics and culturally diversified workforce.

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