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The House In The Night Book Review - Expert Assignment Help


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Write a Book review on the house in the Night


Opening question.

The house in the night is a cumulative tale of the children' book genre, it raises the primitive question that entails, 'Are light and dark exclusive concepts, or much like the sun and moon in the work, an integral part of the universe?'

Short summary 

In this work the author Swanson and Krommes the illustrator illustrated that tale of a child in a poetic manner. This child is given the key to a house, and as she enters the house, and its room, he finds a book lighted in a darkened room. The book waits for no one and propose a journey of mystery for the readers, as the child reads about the bird in the book, and is thus transported to a whimsical journey of imagination. The child travel to the stars, the moons and the stars. She is captured by the sing-song wording and the soothing artwork which eventually lulls him to sleep.


Ending recommendation for the summary. 

The children are not only found enthralled by the artwork and sing song fashion of the words in this award winning masterpiece. Rather, they are travelling in a journey while reading this work to unravel the story. In this sense the story has a dreamlike as well a mystery like characteristics, which offers something to children of different nature. There is a distinct harmony and poetic simplicity in the work and resonance of dark yet subtle artwork, which is a point of interest for more mature readers as well. Even in its simplicity, the layers in the work, and the accompanying artwork and the depth of its meaning provides a scope of avid reading opportunity to different readers, thus, I recommend this work.

Favourite part.

True to its nature and genre this bed side gem is simple in nature and provides scope of opportunity to the readers in the sense of variation of the intensity. This book provides a unique combination of mystery, dream like stupor, music, art and innocence cumulating together for the readers. The alignment and intertwining of the artwork to the music is the favourite part for me in this work. The homely tones, the soothing lull of the words and the imagination adds a unique depth to this work, and for me this combination, rather than the individual parts is the essence of the work.

Why it is your favourite part. 

For a long as I can remember, I have been drawn to the contrasts in the literary and art works. I think that the depth of human nature and beyond cannot be understood through the words alone, rather there is a need to look at the literature, like an onion. The house in the night covers all these criteria's for me. This work offers an alignment of the artwork to the literature, and in this alignment similarity is not witnessed alone, rather a scope of opportunity for intricacies of dream can be recognized. I found that the art work can allow the reader of even mature intellect with different perspectives to gain an understanding of the dream, as well as the innocence of the child' mind.

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