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The Banks Family - Biopsychosocial Assessment - Expert Assignment Help


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Write a Biopsychosocial Assessment on the Banks Family



A biopsychosocial assessment is the biological, sociological and psychological assessment of the individual and the family by investigating family problems, functioning and the risk factors associated with family members. The social worker conducts family assessments and community development programs and provides services to the penurious who require support. The present assignment assesses the problems which the Banks family was experiencing and the possible solutions; the internal functioning, which includes communication among the family members, hierarchy, family competence and parenting; the family lifecycle includes the history of the family, important events and the roles of the family members; the ecological environment includes the relationship of the family with the environment; and the associated risk and protective factors of the Banks family. Further, it discusses theories and frameworks, which help to plan the strategy to prevail over the existing situation.  


The family assessment


The local council, emergency relief worker, referred Tom Banks to the social worker. The relief worker stated that he was in need of financial support as he came with a requirement of food vouchers. Tom also asked for help in paying electricity and gas bills. Tom has been jobless for two months, and their habit of gambling quite a few times, and the ongoing treatment of their younger daughter Christie, led to the financial crisis. The situation of the family led Tom to take emergency help from the agency, although he was unwilling to take any help from the welfare. Tom was reluctant to accept any interventions to be done by the agency and wanted only financial help to support his family. His wife Jenny was under depression as Christie was diagnosed with Down's syndrome. The elder daughter Sarah was forced to take leave more often to care for her mother and sister. Terry went to school but remained depressed due to the situation of his family. The neighbour and Jenny’s parents assumed that Tom assaulted his wife, Jenny. Tom believed that all the problems were caused after the birth of Christie, and people blamed them for the baby's condition. After Christie's diagnosis, Jenny's parents offered to provide support. Tom was against this and quit his job to help Jenny and the children. Jenny was a regular visitor of the church, and the children went to school. The church minister, and the school teachers and the principal were aware of their condition. The problems were serious and needed urgent intervention, as negligence could lead to financial issues and serious health problems for Jenny and the children.

The social worker may provide support to the Banks family to improve their relationships and cope with their present situation. Providing appropriate counselling to identify their actual problems, setting goals and finding solutions to their problems will help the family to regain self-confidence. Encouraging communication may help the members of the family to express their fears, disappointments, concerns, and suggestions may often help to rule out the actual problem. The social worker may help the family by providing solutions to problems, and resolving conflicts may help the family understand the issues and resolve them wisely (Vyvey, Rudy, Wilde, & Roets, 2014). 

Family internal functioning

The Circumplex Model of family functioning (FACES III) or the Beavers Systems Theory can be used to explain the present condition of the Banks family (Collins, Jordan, & Coleman, 2010). The internal functioning of the Banks family is explained here using the Beavers system model of internal functioning. The theory provides knowledge about the possible causes of the series of events and the likely outcomes.

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