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Systems Requirement Report of Good Health Clinic - Expert Assignment Help


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Task Description

Overview: You are required to read the provided Case Study document (on MySCU) and complete each of the activities and questions in the weeks advised.

The answers to all activities and questions are to be collected in one 'Systems Requirements Report' with a title page, page numbers, table of contents, headings and all other report formatting.

The purpose of the full System Requirements Report is to guide and enable your fictional client to make a rational selection from options for a proposed computer application.

The Initial Investigation part of this report will include:

  • Business Information including Organization Chart
  • System Vision document
  • Project Management Chart
  • Simplified risk and cost-benefit analysis
  • Feasibility analysis

You will be required to include other sections and models in the full Systems Requirements

Report (see Part B).  For example:

  • Fact Finding documents
  • Use cases
  • ERD and Domain Model class diagrams
  • System Sequence Diagrams
  • Project Management charts with progress against tasks
  • Conclusions and recommendations.

You will also be required to make a presentation as part of this unit (worth 10% of your marks).


Good Health Clinic (GHC) – Organization Background

Founded in 2010, Good Health Clinic specializes in Cardiology with a primary focus given to preventative medicine. It operates under the partnership of four doctors. Its office is currently located near a shopping centre in the middle of the city. It employs 13 permanent employees, where three are registered nurses; four are physical therapists and six office staff. The current customer base is estimated to be 3500 patients, out of which around 1167 patients have health insurance covers. GHC has partnered with ten private health insurers who cover their wellness and health programs. The office staff, headed by an experienced office manager, handles payroll, accounting, record maintenance, insurance handling, appointment management and procuring clinic and office supplies.


Business Functions to be handled by the New Information System

Based on the current operations of GHC, the following business functions are identified.

Patient Appointment Management

  • Managing the appointment book
  • Recording appointments for a specific day
  • Making reminder calls to patients 
  • Preparing appointment lists daily for each doctor and therapist

Patient Record Management

  • Recording a patient's personal details and assigning a Patient ID
  • Maintaining the medical history
  • Keeping track of each visit – doctor or therapist consulted

Insurance Claim Handling

  • Identifying the patients' eligibility for insurance cover
  • Submitting claims documents to the 10 partnered insurers
  • Managing insurance accounts 

Ordering Management

  • Checking the clinic and office supplies requirements
  • Identifying vendors to place orders
  • Placing purchase orders
  • Maintaining inventory of stock
  • Organizing the supplies in suitable areas

Payroll Management

  • Maintaining employee records
  • Assess the working hours

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