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Task Description

The purpose of Assignment 2 and Assignment 3 is  to evaluate your ability to develop a comprehensive implementation  proposal  for  an  information  system  that  uses  a  systems  approach. The Systems Implementation  Proposal should  be  targeted  at  a  potential  'sponsor'  organisation  that  will  need  to  be convinced of the appropriateness and effectiveness of the proposed new system.

Part B of Systems Implementation Proposal (Assignment 3)

Building upon Part A of your proposal (Assignment 2), Part B of the proposal (Assignment 3) focuses on designing and implementing the system chosen in Part A.


Due to increasing customer awareness and changing preferences, the retailing industry is subject to severe competition and retailers who utilise information system to enhance business performance are expected to survive over the long-term. An information system like the retail point-of-sale systems along with the presence of the other enterprise-wide systems help retailers to avoid repetition, reduce costs, integrates siloed business operations and provide better customer service.

This report encompasses the proposal to implement a PoS system for Woolworths Limited to overcome challenges arising during the checkout process at Supermarkets through the stages of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). The deployment of PoS is expected to offer numerous benefits to the management and employees through a leaner business process, sales reporting and analytics, better store management, ease of handling customer data and better inventory management to replenish goods on time. 

 The main aspect of the retail PoS implementation is to develop a constructive partnership with a system/ service provider who has experience and expertise in designing, procuring, and implementing PoS systems and associated infrastructure.  The vendor is to be capable of supporting the implementation across the different location with better coordination and achieved successful rollout through strategic partnerships. 

After the initial PoS implementation, there is a high probability for Woolworths to undergo changing conditions. The company has to adapt to changing market conditions and industry-related factors. Hence, the PoS system should be scalable to address future requirements, either software related or hardware components related to less or minimal service disruption.  This reduces delays and cost implications.

The success of retail PoS implementation depends on the collaborative partnership between the service provider and Woolworths. This is ensured through the creation of a project management team which carries out risk management and change management programs to ensure the smooth transition to the new system.



In order to cope up with market fluctuations, companies are investing in the information system or technology (IS/IT) to (Karim 2011). The retail industry in Australia is highly competitive, and retailers are using technology solutions as a differentiation factor. Implementing a point-of-sale system would assist retailers in meeting customer preferences and at the same time, to increase the efficiency of the business process and sales performance. This project proposal gives the steps adopted as part of the system development life cycle (SDLC), especially the analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of the retail point-of-sale (POS) system in the supermarkets of Woolworths Limited. Recommendations to be undertaken for successful project management, risk avoidance and change management are discussed. The key points observed in the SDLC of the proposed system are summarised in the conclusion section.

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