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Systematic Reflection Mental Wellbeing, Culture and Media - Expert Assignment Help


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Write an essay on Systematic Reflection of Mental wellbeing, culture and media



This paper addresses the relevance of mental health and wellness as a holistic entity. Through this review, the interplay of social, cultural, emotional and physiological wellness as an adjunct to mental wellbeing has been acknowledged through the perspective of a nursing professional. Through this review, I have tried to understand the impact of environmental challenges, culture and media in defining the role of a nursing professional and their ability to address mental wellbeing needs and initiate a strong recovery process in patients (Thomas et al. 2016). Through this review, my own perceptions of the patient-centric intervention and understanding of communication and empathy are shared. The review will use 3Rs framework for the purpose of effective comprehension of the problem (119 words).

Mental health and illness

Mental health is a state of wellbeing, where an individual is equipped to handle their daily life stresses, and are aware of their competencies, thus enabling a possibility of positive contribution to society (Manwell et al. 2014). Growing up, I have acknowledged a progressive vision of mental health and wellness to realize that the concept does not necessarily entail psychological wellbeing but also social, cultural, emotional and economic wellness. In this sense, I agree that even as the incidence of mental ailment in the physically compromised is higher, it is affected by the interplay of social, economic, psychological and emotional variables (Thomas et al. 2016).


Similarly, a mental illness is defined as an ailment that compromises the ability of an individual to cope with daily life stresses and their ability to function effectively in the social framework (Thomas et al. 2016). Even as a nursing student, I have witnessed countless cases of mental illness that have several symptoms, yet, I cannot exclude a universal absence of the ability to accept change in such patients. Personally, for me, mental wellbeing is a holistic entity and is an end result of work-life-and-personal-life, emotional, social, cultural, and spiritual balance.  (199 words).

Developing perspectives

Most psychologists respect the impact of the human environment and swear by the principles of the Bandura' social cognitive theory, which focuses on the interactions between behaviour and environment (Evans et al. 2016). For me, culture is an 'evolution pedestal' that allows an individual to develop a mental construct as per the varied situation. Over the years, my observation about society and my perception of my parents have shaped my perspective about mental health. This cultural awareness of mental health impacts my functioning as a nurse, especially when I see patients of drug abuse and alcoholism. I have often found that the American culture of drug popping, and intake of alcohol after a stressful day, serves as a precursor for abuse in the said population over time. This shared knowledge of drug abuse and relative acceptance of moderate consumption has often been projected as “acceptable” through popular media as well.

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