Systems Thinking is Critical in Developing Solutions to Sustainability Challenges - Expert Assignment Help
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Systems Thinking is Critical in Developing Solutions to Sustainability Challenges - Expert Assignment Help


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“Systems Thinking is Critical in Developing Solutions to Sustainability Challenges”

To what extent do you agree with this statement, and why? Draw on one of the following wicked problems to illustrate your answer:

1. Domestic Violence
2. Fracking (Coal-Seam Gas extraction) in Australia



Systems thinking is a varied disciplinary base for observing the relation between various things rather than the things themselves. It actually observes the patterns of change to understand the working and the relationship interconnected to each other.  A systems thinker maps a particular issue or problem in terms of a behaviour pattern over time instead of a particular problem at one point of time (Kumar & Pandey 2016). System Thinking provides a macroscopic view of the problem and helps in figuring out the nitty-gritties of the relationships. As a result of which, in today's world, system thinking used by academicians as well as practitioners to focus on the sustainability challenges (Kim 2012).

Sustainability challenges can be from various aspects. The macro sustainability challenge that is facing the globe now is the relationship between the current society and nature. According to a report by UNEP in 2007, the interaction between society and nature is adversely affecting each other and has a very strong repercussion in the long run (Alder 2012). The damage created is anticipated to be irreversible, and it would affect the ecological system as well as the welfare of human beings. The sustainability challenge on a micro-level is the social issues like domestic violence, crime against women, children and senior citizens etc. (Alder 2012)


According to several academicians and practitioners alike, it is believed that several social issues like obesity, domestic violence can be addressed through systems thinking. 

In this paper, it shall be discussed how systems thinking can be utilised to address a social issue like domestic violence and whether it is a sustainable method to resolve this sustainable challenge. Domestic violence is nothing but aggressive or violent behaviour within the parameter of the home and usually within the family members. Here, based on the social issue of domestic violence, it shall be discussed how systems thinking can focus and resolve it and also, at the same time, analyse the advantages and drawbacks of the system.

Systems Thinking Over Computational Thinking

According to experts, systems thinking is useful in solving sustainability problems since this approach observes the problem from a macro perspective instead of concentrating on a smaller picture. The difference between the traditional approach and the systems approach is significant. Traditional approach focuses on the individual object being studied, whereas the systems approach studies the interrelationships between the constituents of the object. In the global market, there are several complexities that the world shall face in the coming years, which are again expected to be resolved through systems thinking (Mason 2011). 

Systems test is an integral part of Systems Thinking and has three important segments – purpose, elements and functions. The first part of the System test explains the purpose of accommodating Systems Thinking for a particular purpose. The second part deals with the various elements of system thinking. Finally, the interrelationship between the various elements of the examining object or issue. Information Technology has made a drastic change to a sustainable society. Systems Thinking is used to find the relationship between human behaviour, impact on the environment and technology (Kumar & Pandey 2016).

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