Study of the Formation and Impact of Electronic Service Failure - Expert Assignment Help
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Study of the Formation and Impact of Electronic Service Failure - Expert Assignment Help


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Q1. Explain what the authors mean by Electronic Services Failures?

Q2. Why are the authors suggesting building on the service quality to establish prevailing standards of service performance which in its absence leads to service failures?

Q3. Describe the reasons for the authors to explore information, functional, and systems failures in-depth in their study?


1. Introduction

Though online users expect a lot from e-commerce sites, their primary focus is on the basics that support the purchasing function. When customers face one or two bad experiences, there is a higher chance that it turns off users forever (eMarketer, 2010). This essay discusses the concept of electronic service failure, how strengthening service quality helps in avoiding service failure and the reasons to explore information, functional and system failures.

2. Electronic Service Failure

An electronic service begins with an internet user's visit to a web page to inquire about product/ services to the purchase and ends with the delivery of products/ services that meets the requirement (Tan, Understanding E-Service Failures: Formation, Impact and Recovery, 2011). The major causes of failure in e-commerce applications are categorized into software issues, operator mistakes, hardware malfunction, external/internal environmental crash, and security threats. A failure is defined in different contexts. From the perspective of the business process, a failure occurs when a transaction is not completed by an e-commerce application. In terms of application, failure means a predefined service function is unable to be carried out. Composition failure occurs when combined service modules cannot be operated or offer additional value. In terms of software outsourcing, the functions of e-commerce services are not accessible through the internet (He, 2004).


The implications of failure vary under different conditions. Failure may occur in an individual function within an application without affecting the operations of the entire application. The reliability of the information system and recovery options are measured through transactions carried out using the application. This mode might not suit the electronic services, as the transaction requires the support of multiple components in the web services. Such components may be in non-conformance with each other and function by themselves. A contingency protocol to lock the resources from completing a transaction does not apply, as web service consists of different users who operate concurrently. The users have difficulty in accepting longer delays. For a successful recovery process, the failure recovery protocol should be designed to facilitate,  

  • Backup data storage and status notification 
  • Return to normal state at the time of recovery

The process of recovery includes detecting faults, diagnosis, system reconfiguration, data recovery, system repair and integration.

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