SNPG939 Psychoactive Substance use in Mental Health - Expert Assignment Help
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SNPG939 Psychoactive Substance use in Mental Health - Expert Assignment Help


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As per the assessment 2 criteria, students are to document a health behaviour change diary. With this, you are to come up with a health behaviour they would like to change. Examples include, but are not limited to: weight loss, increasing exercise levels, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake levels, eating more fresh fruit and vegetables.

You are to use the following template. You can copy and paste this template on to a blank word document for ease of filling in. Please ensure that you adhere to the requirements set out in the template. You are to upload the documented template into the drop box on the Moodle site labelled 'assessment 2 submission'.


Health behaviour I wish to change:

The health behaviour I wish to change is regarding quitting the pattern of smoking for safeguarding my respiratory health. Tobacco contains the drug nicotine with addictive properties leading to consistent dependence that further results in the occurrence of withdrawal episodes following the attempt of quitting smoking. Indeed, I do experience emotional addiction to smoking that makes the task of refraining from smoking very challenging for me across the community environment. Furthermore, because of several years of history of smoking, I have developed an increased tolerance to nicotine and remain predisposed to develop life-threatening pulmonary conditions. The pattern of my smoking might interfere with the concentration of drugs in case I require consuming them for mitigating the manifestations of prospective clinical conditions. I also remain predisposed to the development of various cancer conditions, cardiovascular problems and macular degeneration under the influence of smoking and therefore, decided to get rid of this health behaviour to safeguard the state of my psychosocial and physical health. I believe that quitting smoking under medical supervision will stabilize my blood pressure and enhance my pulmonary capability.  Additionally, I will rarely experience the manifestations attributing to breathing difficulty and coughing and my lungs will remain free of infectious manifestations that might occur due to pulmonary degradation under the influence of adverse effects of nicotine addiction.


How I will achieve this change 

My goals for quitting smoking attribute to undertake primary prevention measures and nicotine replacement interventions (Karpinski et al., 2010). I also require cognitive behavioural interventions with pharmacotherapy approaches for surpassing the behavioural manifestations while quitting the pattern of cigarette smoking. The drug-like “bupropion” might help me in overcoming the depression episodes and withdrawal symptoms that I might experience after the non-utilization of cigarette smoke for gaining psychological pleasure. My short-term goals for smoking cessation require adjusting myself in a smokeless environment and refraining myself from joining a group of smokers for preventing episodes of passive smoking (Nies & McEwen, 2015). I will keep in mind the necessity of smoking cessation and its positive effects on my prospective health across the community environment. I will attempt to become a part of any community-based organization that can support me in an attempt to quit smoking. However, my long-term goals for quitting smoking attribute to the reduction of the number of cigarettes on a daily basis in the context of preventing the relapse of smoking episodes following its effective cessation (Boyles, 2011). The effective enhancement of my self-esteem, the configuration of stress management approaches, behavioural interventions and elevation in physical activity might assist me in overcoming the smoking habit for life long tenure (Alligood, 2014).

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