Situational Analyses for Curriculum of GCSE Business Studies
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Situational Analyses for Curriculum of GCSE Business Studies


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You will produce a written assignment, demonstrating application of curriculum theories with regard to suggested improvements or enhancements to current practice.

All suggested enhancements must be justified and evaluated.   

The three situational analyses created as part of the formative assessment, will form the basis of this component and you should include them as additional appendices. 

You will research your curriculum and produce three situational analyses relating to your curriculum area. These will provide the essential information needed to complete Summative Components 1 and 2 and include:

 This is how the assignment need to be done:1

Situational analysis 1 – showing the current situation within your curriculum

Situational analysis 2 – showing the identified gaps within your curriculum

Situational analysis 3 – showing potential enhancements to your curriculum, reasoned to plug the gaps identified in situational analysis 2



The curriculum is defined as the plan that enables teachers to impart content knowledge to students for enhancing their understanding of the subject area and accomplishing learning objectives. Effectively developed and designed curriculum facilitates teachers to enhance competencies of students; wherein GCSE business studies curriculum aims to enhance learning skills of students in the management and conduction of key business activities (Van Hoorn et al., 2014). However, certain gap areas have been identified in the curriculum of GCSE business studies. Hence, the current curriculum needs to redesigned and revised with the application of situational analysis as making improvements in the existing curriculum is required for enhancing the efficacy of curriculum (Songhori, 2008; Lambert and Lines, 2013).


Situational analysis refers to the assessment of factors affecting existing curriculum, and this analysis is directed towards determining potential positive or negative implications of key factors on curriculum plan (Van Hoorn et al., 2014). In this context, potential enhancements are suggested in the curriculum of GCSE business studies for making it relevant for the students amid changing educational and business environment, competitive learning environment and more emphasis on the development of practical skills. 

Situational Analyses for GCSE Business Studies

Situational Analysis 1: Current Situation Within Curriculum 

Situational analysis enables the curriculum developer to determine potential obstacles that can affect the effectiveness of the curriculum delivery and identified obstacles require to be considered while making further improvements in the curriculum (Songhori, 2008; Lambert and Lines, 2013). It is examined from the situational analysis of GCSE business studies curriculum that it helps students to obtain knowledge about organisational functions and core business activities carried out in the contemporary era for further encouraging them to be an entrepreneur and take up start-up business activities. However, there is a need to accommodate changes occurring in the global business environment via linking the curriculum with local, as well as global economy, international trade practices and inclusive teaching practices (Johnson, 2011; Floyd, 2005).

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